Quarterfinals: Cheng Tung-Yi vs. Steven Dirga Setya

Posted in NEWS on July 27, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Game 1

In the first game, both players led with rares of their own. Cheng presented Goblin Kaboomist, but that wasn't very useful against Setya's Spirit Bonds. Steven summoned Sungrace Pegasus and Shaman of Spring, also creating two Spirit tokens in the process.

Cheng shot down an untapped token with Forge Devil and tried to retaliate with Juggernaut, but things started to go downhill after it got in for just a hit.

Setya suited up his Sungrace Pegasus with Marked by Honor, creating a tiny "Baneslayer Angel" of sorts. Using Ephemeral Shields, he was able to finally rid himself of Juggernaut but Cheng replaced the fallen artifact creature with another, this time a very mean Scuttling Doom Engine.

Setya rebuilt his board, adding Charging Rhino and Paragon of Eternal Wilds to his constantly growing team. With Cheng at just 8 life and having little fear that he would lose any of his important creatures (thanks for indestructibility granting ability of Spirit Bonds), he attacked with all the creatures he had.

Cheng deliberated how he should best utilize his land mines. Despite having Rotfeaster Maggot to cushion his life total, he soon succumbed to the spirits in the sky.

Cheng Tung-Yi 0 – Steven Dirga Setya 1

Game 2

Cheng had to mulligan, but it didn't slow down his speedy deck a single bit. Child of Night and Necrogen Scudder quickly pressured Setya as he stumbled. Hammerhand prevented Sunblade Elf from blocking and he took yet another hit.

Setya tried to stick Marked with Honor on his only creature, but Cheng used his final mana to cast Ulcerate. This resulted in a blow out as well as a premature ending to a lightning fast game.

Cheng Tung-Yi 1 – Steven Dirga Setya 0

Game 3

Cheng's Child of Night traded with Setya's Soulmender, putting any life gain shenanigans to an end for both parties. Cheng added Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient to the board, while Setya dropped two flyers and tried to take it to the skies (Razorfoot Griffin and Sungrace Pegasus).

Fearing any annoying auras, Cheng preemptively pointed Heat Ray to kill the pegasus and added Rummaging Goblin to help filter through his draws. Recognizing its importance, Setya wasted no time killing it with Hunt the Weak, while adding a +1/+1 counter to Razorfoot Griffin.

As Cheng expected, Setya suited up Razorfoot Griffin with Marked with Honor, creating a 5/5 creature with flying, vigilance and first strike.

Cheng had a plan of his own though. Seeing that Setya had only a single creature, he attacked with both his creatures, willingly ramming one of them to the griffin. This attack sent the first creature to the graveyard, acting as perfect fodder for Tung's Rotfeaster Maggot.

When the first Rotfeaster Maggot bit the dust, Tung was ready with a second, this time gaining 5 life and effectively negating one of Razorfoot Griffin's attacks. With the life cushion, he was able to outrace Setya, securing his spot in the semifinals.

Cheng Cheng-Yi 2 – Steven Dirga Setya 1

Cheng Tung-Yi triumphs over Steven Setya and advances to the semifinals!