Posted in NEWS on May 11, 2014

By Tobi Henke

In the first game, Sushalskyy, playing red-white, brought the beats with, amongst other, heavy-hitting Minotaurs Kragma Butcher and Fanatic of Mogis. Lehner's blue-black deck was more about small incremental advantages achieved through Sigiled Starfish and Siren of the Silent Song. He tried to race, but despite Sudden Storm to buy more time was not succesful.

Bernhard Lehner vs. Sergiy Sushalskyy


In the second game, Sushalskyy was stuck on three lands for far too long. When Lehner added Siren of the Fanged Coast to his team of Omenspeaker and Forlorn Pseudamma, Sushalskyy had but one creature ... and then one.


Unfortunately the final game was largely decided by Sushalskyy's mulligan to four. Lehner, having himself mulliganed to six, was able to recover much better, stole a creature with Siren of the Fanged Coast and later the Siren even returned as a 4/4 via Voyage's End. It wasn't pretty, but at least, it meant that this was the first quarterfinal match to finish.

Bernhard Lehner 2-1 Sergiy Sushalskyy

Javier Dominguez vs. Ivan Floch


Here it was Javier Dominguez's blue-white fliers against Ivan Floch's green-white monsters. Supply-Line Cranes, Akroan Skyguard with Stratus Walk, and Deepwater Hypnotist with Crystalline Nautilus put the pressure on Floch who fought back with Deserter's Quarters, Ravenous Leucrocota, and Hydra Broodmaster. The 7/7, later 10/10, and its three 3/3s made the race close, but Dominguez decided it for himself. The unlikely key plays in that were Breaching Hippocamp and Crypsis—particularly good against Deserter's Quarters.


For the second game, Dominguez was stuck on four Islands, even after Divination, and facing two early creatures plus Feral Invocation. He cast Chorus of Tides, tried to draw out of his color screw via Stratus Walk only to meet Shredding Winds, and never recovered.

Akroan Skyguard plus Stratus Walk followed by Supply-Line Cranes constituted Dominguez's offense for the deciding game, while Floch's deck had trouble to get going. When Dominguez cast Voyage's End on Floch's single creature it was soon over.

Javier Dominguez 2-1 Ivan Floch

Fabrizio Anteri vs. Nicolas Vanderhallen


Font of Fertility and an early Ordeal of Nylea gave Fabrizio Anteri a huge mana boost in his green-on-green match against Nicolas Vanderhallen. The latter fought back valiantly with Necrobite and Bow of Nylea, but when the Bow was lost to Unravel the Æther, Anteri could ride his fatties to victory.


Then it was Vanderhallen's turn to have the upper hand mana-wise. He hit his opponent's only Island with Desecration Plague, severely crippling Anteri's development. This gave him enough time to stall the board with Servant of Tymaret and other creatures. Eventually Noble Quarry and Bow of Nylea took over the game.

Time for game three, and here it again was Anteri who set the pace, with Golden Hind, Kiora's Follower, Chorus of the Tides. Even Bow of Nylea couldn't help Vanderhallen, as Anteri smoothly bestowed Boon Satyr on his flier. Finally, Anteri's Mistcutter Hydra sealed the deal.

Fabrizio Anteri 2-1 Nicolas Vanderhallen

Ben Yu vs. Daniel Fior


Even though this match took the longest to actually finish, it was the most decisive victory. Ben Yu had well enough removal for Daniel Fior's blue-black deck's few fliers and just about the most massive ground defense imaginable. In the first game, Yu's two Grim Guardians and Nyx-Fleece Ram held the fort, while starting to work on Fior's lifetotal. Then, Doomwake Giant plus Armamnet of Nyx finished the job.


The second game again started with Grim Guardian and Nyx-Fleec Ram for Yu, and his Scholar of Athreos meant he hardly even needed the Gray Merchant of Asphodel and second Grim Guardian. Although it did speed up the process of draining all of Fior's life, of course.

Ben Yu 2-0 Daniel Fior