Posted in NEWS on March 30, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Game One

Pu was able to fling a plethora of burn at Shimizu before Ephara, God of the Polis and Master of Waves could seal the game for Shimizu. A combination of Skullcrack, Searing Blood, Lightning Strike and Warleader's Helix, coupled with some early damage from Mutavault brought the game to a speedy end.

Sherwin Pu was able to outrace Master of Waves to clinch Game One.


Sherwin Pu 1 – Naoki Shimizu 0


Game Two

A pair of Shocks dealt with a pair of unfriendly Judge's Familiar and Chained to the Rocks kept Shimizu's Nightveil Specter from attacking.

However, Shimizu was ready with Detention Sphere to grant it freedom once again. An attack from the specter granted Shimizu one of his opponent's Mutavaults.

Now that Pu was on the defensive, he was forced to point Magma Jet at Mutavault but Shimizu stopped it with a timely Dissolve, thus maintaining his creature count.

Pu was in serious trouble right now. Down to just 7 life, not only did he need to stay alive, he still had to find a way to deal 18 damage to Shimizu.

With his Chandra's Phoenix tapped down with Tidebinder Mage, Pu wondered if he could still win this one. The idea seemed far-fetched and even though he was holding on to Boros Charm, it seemed like a futile attempt.

Chandra was behind Naoki Shimizu, but most certainly not on his side.


Sherwin Pu 1 – Naoki Shimizu 1


Game Three

After taking a mulligan, Pu went for the long game and tried to preserve his life total by killing Judge's Familiar and Tidebinder Mage with a pair of Shocks.

His moves were not without reason and were part of a grand plan. Holding on to two Mutavaults, Pu had a dependable way to dish out damage, so he had no qualms pointing burn at Shimizu's creatures rather than at his head.

One of the manlands went in for two damage, and then two more. A second Mutavault joined in the fun and reduced Shimizu to 12.

Intent on clearing the path for both Mutavaults, Pu struck Nightveil Specter with lightning and reduced Shimizu to 8 life. If Pu had burn of any variety, it would put Shimizu in a truly terrible position.

Desperate to put up some blockers, he cast Tidebinder Mage and then enchanted it with Domestication. While this was a really odd play, it gave Shimizu sufficient Devotion to awake Thassa, God of the Sea.

Pu made use of the window that Shimizu was tapped out to cast both halves of Toil // Trouble. This allowed him to draw two cards, while lowering Shimizu to 6 life. A second Toil // Trouble (forcing Shimizu to draw 2 cards) prompted Shimizu to extend his hand.

Sherwin Pu 2 – Naoki Shimizu 0

Double Double, Toil & Trouble, mostly for Naoki Shimizu.


Sherwin Pu defeats Naoki Shimizu and advances to the semifinals!