Posted in NEWS on June 30, 2014

By Corbin Hosler

It's a cruel fate that the one and two-seeds had to meet in the quarterfinals, but that's the way things worked out for William "Huey" Jensen and top-seeded Wing Chun Yam. It meant that Yam would have the option to play first, something that both players valued extremely highly in their aggressive white-red decks.

Game 1

Staring across the table at a mirror of his own deck, Jensen was under the gun from Turn 1 thanks to a Satyr Hoplite. Jensen replied with a Hoplite of his own in the form of Favored Hoplite, and the race was on.

The pair began to trade both damage and creatures until a Stoneshock Giant on Jensen's side threatened to clog up the ground. But thanks to a growing Satyr Hoplite, a Harvestguard Alseids and a steady stream of enchantments, Yam was able to keep charging into the red zone, and Jensen was forced to take the damage time and again while falling to three life. When Supply-Line Cranes entered the field for Yam (placing a counter on itself), Jensen needed an immediate answer from the top of his deck for the flier. It wasn't forthcoming, and an attack step later the game was over.

Yam 1, Jensen 0

Game 2

Again the mirrored starts, though this time Jensen had the more impressive one in Solider of the Pantheon, compared to Yam's Akroan Crusader. Of course, when Flamespeaker's Will landed on the Crusader to both allow it to crash in and create a blocker to trade with the Soldier, that conventional wisdom was challenged.

From there, both players swarmed the board, with an Oreskos Swiftclaw for Yam and a string of one-toughness creatures for Jensen. Yam's growing army of tokens from the Crusader was holding the fort, but the fort crumbled when Jensen deployed a killer sideboard card in Scouring Sands. The way finally cleared for his board of one-toughness, Jensen swung out and chunked Yam's life total down perilously low.

When his draw step failed to find anything that could deal with Jensen's army, Yam conceded and the pair were off to the decider.

Yam 1, Jensen 1

Game 3

After setting a scorching pace through the first two games, things slowed down enormously in the final game. Jensen started things off with a Turn 2 Akroan Skyguard, while Yam's deck that had made a habit of curving out didn't cast anything until a Turn 3 Kragma Butcher.

Not it was going to do much butchering, as Jensen's Ephara's Warden made sure to tap it every turn in response to the Inspired trigger. But a Supply-Line Cranes for Yam again unlocked his attack step, and he began to whittle down the life total of Jensen, who was trying to build up to seven Devotion for the Iroas, God of Victory in his hand.

With Jensen staring at Forgeborn Oreads but only one Mountain, Yam began to get aggressive. He used a pump spell on his Butcher in his upkeep to get around the Warden's ability and used the opportunity to swing out. After a second Supply-Line Cranes hit the field, the same trick on the next turn was enough to prompt Jensen to extend the hand and concede the match.

Yam 2, Jensen 1