Posted in NEWS on March 1, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Terry Soh is easily the most accomplished player in the field of 902 today and it is not difficult to defend this bold statement. With three Pro Tour Top 8s and three Grand Prix Top 8s in his decorated resumé, he is also one of the few privileged players to be immortalized on his very own card, Rakdos Augermage.

Terry Soh

His brother, Joe Soh (a two-time National Champion himself), had made plans to attend Grand Prix Melbourne and Soh had decided to hop onto the bandwagon at the eleventh hour. "I took this opportunity to enjoy a short vacation with my girlfriend," but being the hardcore Magic fan at heart, he could not resist the temptation to swing by to play some Magic for just a couple of days.

"I'm playing Mono-Black Devotion, the deck that I'm the most familiar and have most experience with," explaining his weapon of choice this weekend. Clearly still very much connected to the game despite a short hiatus, he earnestly shared with me that the mirror match is still a toss-up and has elected to play the full set of Bile Blight in the maindeck just in case the Pack Rats run wild on the opposing side. "Bile Blight is bad against larger creatures but since I have a good sideboard for the other matchups, I figured I should focus more on beating the mirror."


"Hopefully I do well enough today to net an invitation to Pro Tour Journey to Nyx. I am looking forward to playing on the Pro Tour again." With such an accomplished player piloting a top tier deck, I have confidence we will be seeing more of him as the day unravels. Good luck Terry!