Quick Hits #1

Posted in NEWS on February 8, 2014

By Marc Calderaro

Quick Hits - What Do You Want to Open in Born of the Gods Limited?

by Marc Calderaro

Reid Duke (No. 4-ranked player, Grand Prix Miami winner): Either a late-game bomb, or removal is really good. I really like opening Bile Blight
Roberto Gonzales (Pro Tour Gatecrash Top 16) & his new friend Andre Girard: Kiora, the Crashing Wave allows you to commit to blue early. So in the later packs you can grab all the Griptide and Journey's End that you see.
Gavin Verhey (Magic R&D Designer): The Archetypes really allow you to 'go wide' early. The Archetype of Courage is really aggressively costed; you can slam it and move in.
Colin Miller (Grand Prix Vancouver 2012 Top 8; Grand Prix Vancouver 2014 Top 16): Brimaz, King of Oreskos, please.