Quick Hits #2

Posted in NEWS on February 8, 2014

By Marc Calderaro

Quick Hits #2 - What Born of the Gods card will shake up Standard?

by Marc Calderaro

Roberto Gonzales (Pro Tour Gatecrash Top 16): Drown in Sorrow makes a lot of decks unplayable.
Gavin Verhey (Magic R&D Designer) : Brimaz, King of Oreskos makes players say 'I will play white because of this card.
Josh Fleisch (Pro Tour Tokyo 2001 Top 16): Xenagos, God of Revels opens up those colors to new avenues. Now Gruul Monsters can play out one threat at a time. That's big.
Colin Miller (Grand Prix Vancouver 2012 Top 8; Grand Prix Vancouver 2014 Top 16) : Searing Blood. Searing Blood makes red much more attractive.
Reid Duke (No. 3-ranked player, Grand Prix Miami winner) : Courser of Kruphix." He said this is one of many midrange cards that can open up a deck style that was sorely lacking in Theros Standard.