Posted in NEWS on March 9, 2014

By Marc Calderaro

Eric Froehlich: Matej "Big Z" Zatlkaj
Gaudenis Vidugiris: Empty the Warrens. Because people are really bad at playing around it. Last round someone set Meddling Mage on Grapeshot, then I untapped and cast Empty the Warrens for 12.

















Zvi Moshowitz: Spellskite. So many decks, when they do their thing, need to target something. Boggles just folds ... and Twin can’t go off either if it’s in play.
Josh Utter-Leyton: Thoughtseize. It’s universally good versus combo ... it forces uninteractive decks to interact with you.

















Josh Ravitz: Fulminator Mage. It’s used in the most matches; and even some places where you wouldn’t think. I side them in against both Living End and Affinity.
Jamie Parke: Dispel #4 and Flame Slash #4. It's boring, but the extra copies are important. Flame Slash takes out Tarmogoyf even when Lightning Bolt doesn't ... and the extra one-mana counterspell is key against all the control decks.