Posted in NEWS on March 24, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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With such a diverse field and with the amount of tweaking being done looking to gain an edge on the field, sideboards take on a greater importance than normal. The right card in your final 15 can turn your tournament around. The wrong one can sit there forlornly wishing it were something, anything else that could help you keep up.

So we asked some of the players who are doing well this weekend what their best sideboard cards have been.


Jared Boettcher: Sin Collector
Kyle Boggemes: Nightveil Specter. Luis Scott-Vargas had Nightveil Specter against me as well, and we both had them, but I kept in Last Breath to get mine through. That's how I won.


Jeffrey Pyka: Negate
Ari Lax: Mistcutter Hydra!
David Ochoa: Duress (After quite a bit of David Ochoa-y thought).