Posted in NEWS on March 15, 2014

By Josh Bennett

What's an example of a card from this block that is better in sealed than in draft?

Matt Costa: Vulpine Goliath. Really any big green creature is a lot better. In draft the decks are too fast, but in sealed they come down, they're hard to remove, and you still have enough life for them to stabilise the board.
David Ochoa: here is only one right answer and it is Savage Surge. The main mechanic is Inspired! Plus, they Excoriate? Getcha!.
(8) Josh Utter-Leyton : Traveler's Amulet. Because there are fewer packs of Theros, you have fewer of the most powerful cards. In draft you shouldn't need to splash for power, but in sealed you often need to.
Alexander Hayne: Nessian Asp. I know it's already great in draft, but it really is that much better in sealed. It completely dominates the board.
(2) Reid Duke : Rage of Purphoros. Or any of the inefficient removal spells, like Lash of the Whip. Because the format is slower, you can afford to play your more expensive removal spells, and you'll need them.
Andrew Cuneo: Pheres-Band Raiders. ("And why is it good?") Oh it's not GOOD.