Posted in NEWS on May 10, 2014

By Tobi Henke

Which Color Gained the Most from the Introduction of Journey into Nyx into the Limited Mix?

(24) Raphaël Lévy: In Sealed it's definitely green. I've played a couple and I was green every time.
Wenzel Krautmann: Green. There's more mana ramp now. Golden Hind is particularly good.
Denniz Rachid: Black. It was good in Theros, then terrible in Born of the Gods, and now it's good again.
(1) Jérémy Dezani: Green.
(25) Martin Jůza: There's a Pro Tour next week, so I'll have to say, no comment. Sorry.
Thoralf Severin: People seem to like black more, and I don't like that because I like black myself. But what actually gained the most is probably white.