Quick Questions #1

Posted in NEWS on June 21, 2014

By Nate Price

A longtime member of the Pro Tour and Grand Prix coverage staff, Nate Price now works making beautiful words for all of you lovely people as the community manager for organized play. When not covering events, he lords over the @MagicProTour Twitter account, ruling with an iron fist.

What Card in Standard Have You Wanted to See Broken the Most?

Christian Calcano: Hmm... Something that would be really good in a five-color control deck, I think. How about Ajani, Mentor of Heroes. It definitely a powerful card, but it's not an utterly broken one. All of the abilities have potential for abuse, but it's the ultimate that I really like. Gaining 100 life is pretty sweet!

Sam Black: Either Hidden Strings or Strength from the Fallen. Both are cards that I wanted to break in their respective Block Constructed formats. It's rare that you get to play free spells anymore, especially ones that have as much potential for abuse as Hidden Strings. It's like a Dark Ritual that keeps working turn after turn. Its big problem was that the removal has always been too good for it to be effective. As for Strength from the Fallen, the card is incredibly powerful and for very little investment, and the combo with Pharika, God of Affliction, makes it so that all of your creatures just win the game. Both of these cards have been inexpensive for the effects they generate, but things haven't quite been right for them to take over. Also, a shoutout to Bogbrew Witch.

Brad Nelson: I would say Imposing Sovereign, but that's not a fun answer. I'd say Purphoros, God of the Forge. It hasn't been broken yet, but wait until the end of this weekend...

Willy Edel: Probably Doomwake Giant. I'm playing four of it in my deck, so I hope I break it this weekend! I like the card a lot and think that it's really powerful, so we'll see how it goes.