Posted in NEWS on March 15, 2014

By Josh Bennett

What Common is the Lynchpin of your Deck?

(2) Reid Duke : Wingsteed Rider. It's one of the fastest ways to win a game in this format.
Matt Costa: Gods Willing. A powerful heroic enabler and a cheap answer to removal, as well as giving my big green creatures a way to push through late.
(11) Alexander Hayne : Bronze Sable. I'm playing two of them because I need to hold the fort early. Twice I've traded it off for Agent of Horizons.
(23) Gaudenis Vidugiris : Probably just Wingsteed Rider. It's the best common, and it's in my deck, so it's the best common in my deck.
(8) Josh Utter-Leyton: Sudden Storm. Though I'd happily trade it for a Griptide or Voyage's End. It gives me a way to deal with big creatures.
Andrew Cuneo: Probably just Wingsteed Rider. I bet a lot of people have said that.