Posted in NEWS on June 14, 2014

By Olle Rade

What is the best deck in Standard?

Marijn Lybaert: There isn't one. I would say that Boros Burn, Black Devotion variants, control like Esper or Blue White and Jund Monsters are the four top decks, and they are pretty evenly matched.
Alessandro Portaro: The Sphinx's Revelation decks! They have all the answers, and when the game goes long it's impossible to lose.
Tomoharu Saito: That's a hard one. I like Blue/White, either with or without a splash. Maybe not in terms of power of the deck. But it has a lot of play to it, and many choices.
Lee Shi Tian: Mono black devotion, or Black based with a small splash. Cards like Mutavault and Thoughtseize makes it the best deck in the format.
Patrick Dickmann: If you have strong opening hands I think Mono Blue Devotion is the best deck. But the Black based decks are probably better on average, and can win even without a great opening hand.

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