Quick Questions

Posted in NEWS on August 3, 2013

By Josh Bennett

What are the biggest differences between individual Sealed and Team Sealed in Return to Ravnica block?

Team United States

Your decks wind up looking like draft decks. Really good draft decks. The format's a lot faster than individual Sealed so your curve is much more important. You also get so many gates that you can often build a really sick Five Color deck, with Hold the Gates and Crackling Perimeter being awesome.

Team England

It's much more important that you play all your best cards. In individual Sealed you'll often have to leave some bombs out of your deck because of mana concerns or a lack of playable cards in that color. In this, if more than three of your best cards aren't in your decks, then you ought to rebuild your decks.

Team Ireland

On your own you just need to figure out which of your cards you're going to play, but in teams you have to figure out how where each card should go. Because of the mana fixing, you have so many options on how to spread your colors, and you have to do at least some overlapping. For example, in Magic 2014 you'd make a white deck, but here you can divide your white into aggro and control cards, and split them between decks that can better use each group.

Team Singapore

It's very messy. You have way more options and many different possible decks. It's most important to share your removal. Divide your colors so that every deck has some.

Team Australia

It's most important to ensure that your decks are powerful and consistent. Don't be afraid to leave out your expensive bombs - the format is often too fast for them. For instance, we were able to build a very good 16 land Boros Aggro deck because we chose to leave out Molten Primordial and Boros Battleshaper.

Team Belgium

In individual Sealed your deck is often dictated by your mana and your bombs, but that's not the case here. You can build your decks many different ways. In particular, it's important to wind up with three good decks. Sometimes the cards will try to tell you to make two insane decks and one not-so-good one, but that's a losing strategy.