Posted in NEWS on June 15, 2014

By Olle Rade

How excited are you about the two new sets that were just released?

Marijn Lybaert: I'm not that excited about Conspiracy and probably won't play much with it. Although it has some nice cards for Cube. Vintage Masters looks like a lot of fun though, it looks like Modern Masters, which was a lot of fun. And I like the fact that you can now play Vintage on Magic Online.
Alessandro Portaro: I haven't had time to play with Conspiracy yet. But my friends say it is a lot of fun. Vintage Masters I will try online, but I've only played Vintage once in my life and the cards seemed to be a bit too powerful for skill to matter as much as in other formats.
Tomoharu Saito: I'm excited! I'm happy for everything that makes Magic more exciting. I've heard that Two Headed Giant draft with Conspiracy is a lot of fun.
Lee Shi Tian: I think Conspiracy is really fun. I haven't played casual Magic in a long time, but I've played with Conspiracy! Vintage Masters also seems fun, although some cards seem almost too strong. I played a prerelease last night and lost right away when my opponent accelerated with a turn one Manavault.
Patrick Dickmann: I haven't had the chance to play with either yet. But I've seen people draft with Conspiracy at my local store. And I like that Vintage Masters gives more people access to Force of Will online, since it's a staple in Legacy.

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