Remnant of a Morph Shell

Posted in Arcana on June 11, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Future Sight's Zoetic Cavern has a unique perspective among cards with morph. Although many morph creatures depict the morph shell, Zoetic Cavern shows what it might be like on the inside of a morph crawler! When it's face down, it would look like just another 2/2 "morph spider," indistinguishable from an Exalted Angel or even a Whetwheel. Once you see it face-up, the morph shell has become a location instead of a creature—the hollowed-out shell, empty of life, forms an eerie, organic cave. Check out the full art below, in which you can see the organ-like structures of the cavern.

Zoetic Cavern
Zoetic Cavern Zoetic Cavern art by Lars Grant-West

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