Renewal Rewards

Posted in NEWS on September 14, 2019

By Wizards Staff

Renewal Rewards and Events


With a new card set, on a new Plane, and a new Standard environment, we want to give you a warm welcome toThrone of Eldraine. This means special events and rewards leading up to its release onMTG Arena, and then we keep the party going with even more earnable rewards after September 26.


Starting on September 9, we'll be holding special Standard 2020 events that will help you get ready for the new Standard. These events will allow you to play with decks only using cards fromGuilds of Ravnicaforward. As we head intoThrone of Eldrainepreview season, this is the perfect opportunity to brew some decks while keeping an eye on the new cards you may wish to add when the set releases on September 26.

These events will have no entry fee, will be available in Best-of-One and Ranked Best-of-One match structures, every two consecutive wins will reward you 200 Mastery XP, and you can play them as many times as you like. Looking for a way to catch up on yourCore Set 2020Mastery pass, or maybe finish off those last few levels? Play. As. Many. Times. As. You. Like.

Speaking of, consider this your friendly reminder that theCore Set 2020Set Mastery will end at 4 a.m. PT (11:00 UTC) on September 26!


Players who've logged in toMTG Arenaprior to September 26 will also have a special renewal gift waiting for them: 10 rare or higher individual card rewards (ICRs) from the Standard 2020 sets, includingThrone of Eldraine.A new set release also means a new Set Mastery, and our renewal gift extends to this as well. We'll be adding additional rewards to the first 25 levels in the form of uncommon ICRs and booster packs, and these additional rewards will be available to all renewal gift recipients—no Mastery Pass required!

Again, these renewal gifts are only available for players who have logged in prior to September 26 to help kick-start their new Standard collection. We're not joking when we say now more than ever is a great time to play!