Riku, You Are a Reflection

Posted in Arcana on June 27, 2011

By Tom Jenkot

The first Magic: the Gathering Commander deck I played was "Mirror Mastery." It has threeLegendarycreatures I could choose as the commander for the deck, but it never was really a choice; I always picked Riku of Two Reflections.

I mean, he copies stuff! On the cheap! And the art is stunning. What exactly is going on in the art? Let's start with the art description:

Color: Blue/red/green legendary creature
Location: In mirrors (see below)
Action: On the left half of the frame, show a young, dynamic Asian human mage (Asian in features, skin, and hair, not necessarily costuming), a master of illusion, staring straight at the viewer. His costuming is teal/blue/white and he wields a staff that blazes with red-orange magic. On the right half of the frame, show the exact same mage, almost back-to-back with the other. He has the same face, the same pose/expression, and the same staff, except his staff blazes with yellow-green magic instead. They're both shown in angled mirrors, as if the viewer *is* this mage, and we're seeing his two (different) versions of him reflected back at us.
Focus: The double-reflected mage
Mood: Tricky, devious, powerful

Some of the details turned out differently, but the art is, in fact, an exact mirror image split down the middle! Even the signature is repeated and flipped.

Check out the mirror effect and the details that were added to make each side unique by hovering over either side of this image:

Riku of Two Reflections | Illustration by Izzy

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