Rise to your Responsibility – Judge Program 2005

Posted in NEWS on November 11, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

The DCI Judge Certification Program is moving forward into its next phase of development. In this phase we will be rewarding members based on their responsibility and activity, taking advantage of electronic media and communication, and obtaining more input from our members to continue evolving the program.

In the earliest phase of the Judge Program we undertook to set up an outline of a program of how we wished it would become and to jump-start the process we identified many individuals to start as Expert level judges in various areas and start the training of new judges. The program had a fee associated with application, and much time was spent on processing paperwork and implementing the base of the system.

In the middle phase we moved to philosophy of the program, institution of policies, communicating the program better to its members, judge articles were asked for, etc…

As we go forward now we have aims for online recertification requiring retesting, targeted articles on penalty theory, aids for judges running events, training seminars at Professional events, electronic submission of judge review, and more…

In addition we are redefining the level system. We will detail the responsibilities and duties of each level, provide requirements to maintain them, and expand the number of opportunities for advancement at each show and around the world. As their lives change, each judge will be able to find the level they are comfortable with, or take on more responsibilities.

As the first step in this process, please welcome the Level 5 – Professional Judges:

Jaap Brouwer

Mike Guptil

Gijsbert Hoogendijk

Rune Horvik

Collin Jackson

Professional Judges are also empowered to test and interview judges for Regional (Level 3) positions.

We’ll identify leading Regional Judges for advancement to International Judge in 2005.

As more of our systems come online, more progress in the program will be announced.

Find your role.

Thanks for your dedication and time.