Round 1: Daniel Paskins (UK) Vs Hector Fuentes Garcia (Spain)

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Hector Fuentes Garcia is one of the best players that Spain has produced over the past pro tour season, with performances including a top 8 at PT Chicago. His opponent was Daniel Paskins, a student at Oxford University and top 8 qualifier from the English nationals.

Game 1

Both players opened well, Danny with a second turn Plague Witch, third turn wall of vipers, and fourth turn Trenching Steed. Hector opened with an early Sword Dancer, a trenching Steed of his own and a Drake Hatchling. Danny then made a Crooked scales, looking for the 7 mana to increase his odds on the gamble. Hector began beating down with the drake Hatchling and few turns later backed him up with a Spiketail Drake. Danny Toppled the Spiketail and continued taking beats from the Hatchling, unable to draw any more land. Hector played a Devout witness hoping to deal with the Crooked scales, but Danny bet his wall of Vipers against it and won the coin flip. Hector continued the beats with the Hatchling, now having Danny at 13 life. He then cast Silkenfist order, and Crossbow Infantry. Danny Plagued the Crossbow infantry, and made Flowstone Armour, which he drew off the top of the deck. Hector stalled the ground for a few turns while continuing the Drake beats until Danny was at 5 life, having Orims Cured Danny's attempt to kill the drake Hatchling with Vicious Hunger and Plague Witch. Meanwhile Danny has cast an Agent of Shauku, Seal of Cleansing, Mercadian Atlas and finally a Bog Glider to slow the beat down. Hector then made a defender en vec and attacked with the Hatchling, leaving Danny on 3 life. Hector cast his second devout witness which Danny killed with the Plague witch and the Flowstone armour, and then finally laid the seventh land.. Hector attacked again with the Drake and Danny responded betting his Agent of Shauku against it twice, losing the flip both times, taking the damage, leaving himself on 1. Hector then made a Rishadan Airship and a Lightbringer, now outnumbering Danny's creatures. Danny had Evincar in hand, and Plague witch to back it up, but it was too little too late and Hector attacked for lethal damage the next turn.

Game 2

Danny's start was a little more conservative in game 2 making no permanents until turn 3, when he made Flowstone armour, quickly followed by Mine Bearer and Bog Smugglers. Hector's start is similarly subdued casting a 3rd turn light bringer and a 4th turn Rhystic Scrying, looking for a threat., Danny cast his haunted cross roads and looked to have control of the board. They traded the Smugglers for the Lightbringer in Combat then Hector made his 1st devout witness. Danny killed the Witness with a vicious hunger and started to beat down with the Mine Bearer. Hector made his Defender en vec and the next turn his Silkenfist order, meanwhile all Danny has managed to make was a Bog Glider. Hector Attacked with both the Silkenfist Order and the Defender en vec, Danny choosing to kill the silkenfist order with the Mine Bearer, knowing he can have it back with the Cross Roads. Hector cast his trenching steed and prepared to beat down. Danny searched for the Agent of Shauku and cast His own Trenching steed to slow the beat down, but Hector had the rethink in hand and bought himself an extra turn of beats. Hector began assaulting with the Steed - Vec Partnership coming through for some damage. Danny put the Steed back on top of his library, and made it again this time with no rethink from Hector. Hector attacked with both his guys and inflicted 2 points of damage. Hector backed up his monsters with a Rishadan airship and a Crossbow Infantry. Danny Toppled the airship and in his end step Hector disenchanted the Haunted Crossroads using his devout witness. Hector managed to get Danny to 4 life then the game stalled as Danny dropped a skulking Fugitive, Rathi Intimidator, Wall of Vipers and a Trenching Steed. While Hector made a Lightbringer and a Spiketail Drake. Danny had topdecked the avatar of hope the turn before and mana burned himself for 1 in order to be able to use it's alternative casting cost. Hector was not worried however as he had a Mirror Strike in hand knowing he could kill Danny as soon as he attacked. Next turn Hector topdecked his Jewelled Spirit, cast it and said go. Danny drew, looked at his hand and attacked with everything. While blockers were being announced Danny conceded.


Hector Fuentes Garcia 2

Daniel Paskins 0