Round 1: Manuel Bevand (France) vs Andre Konstanczer (Germany)

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"Andre is going to beat me down with his many Blastoderms," Bevand commented on the pairing. Konstanczer's deck does in fact include two copies of that powerful creature as well as a wide range of excellent black and green creatures. His deck is a bit light on removal, but it does have a few bombs such as Massacre.

Bevand's deck is Blue-White and has a few bombs of its own - including Mageta the Lion and Stinging Barrier.

Konstanczer won the die roll and had to mulligan his first hand. Despite going down to six cards his new hand featured a nice spread of lands and creatures, and he started off by playing a Seal of Strength, following it by a turn 2 Vintaru Snapper.

Bevand's first play was on turn 3, when he cast a Rhystic Study. It slowed Konstanczer up by a turn but he was drawing enough lands not to be significantly hurt by it.

Bevand cast an Alabaster Wall. Konstanczer used up his Seal of Strength to get the Wall out of the way and played Belbe's Percher. Bevand cast a Shield Dancer, but Konstanczer was ready with an answer again and played a Blastoderm, which cannot be targeted by Dancer's ability.

Bevand thought long and hard before casting his next creature - a Wishmonger. Bevand needed to get more creatures onto the table, but playing Wishmonger at a lower life total and while on defense is a dangerous move. Bevand's hand was subpar and he had to take the chance on the Wishmonger.

Konstanczer went on to use Wishmonger's ability to allow his own creatures through unblocked. Meanwhile Bevand did not have enough creatures to block and kill Blastoderm. He died to the Wishmonger-protected monsters few attack steps later.

In the second game it was Bevand's turn to mulligan. Once again however, a six card hand was good enough to play. Bevand only played lands for the first several turns, while Konstanczer opened with Spineless Thug and Wild Mammoth, applying plenty of early pressure.

Bevand cast his Wishmonger again on the fourth turn. Konstanczer dealt three more damage with the Mammoth and cast his Belbe's Percher. Bevand went on to play one of his best cards - a Bribery. Viewing Konstanczer's deck did not make him happy - it was full of creatures that are very strong against blue-white - such as Blastoderm, Fen Stalker and Cateran Enforcer. Bevand thought hard about his choice and ended up taking a Blastoderm over an Enforcer.

This slowed down the German's attack significantly. However, he was still coming through for several points of damage every turn and Bevand was far from making a comeback.

Konstanczer summoned a Giant Caterpillar and used his six mana to give it protection from all three of Bevand's colors of creatures for a few turns repeatedly to win the game.

Bevand 2 - Konstanczer 0