Round 10: Feature Match - Andre Müller vs. Matthias Ludewig

Posted in NEWS on August 13, 2011

By Tobi Henke

For this round, we wanted to see Andre Müller's mill deck in action. Or rather in inaction, because that's what it's all about: preventing action, especially combat action.

Game One

Müller went off to a fast start with Gideon's Lawkeeper and Jace's Erasure. Ludewig had Duskhunter Bat and then no more play until turn five, when Peregrine Griffin joined the Bat. Müller himself had no further plays either, but his Jace's Erasure started working on Ludewig's library. Duskhunter Bat got through for 1 point of damage. "Always the beginning of the end, especially in this format," Müller commented and was proved right by Ludewig's Vampire Outcasts.

Müller grimaced when he forgot the ability of Jace's Erasure. Still, he wasn't too unhappy because now he wiped the board with Day of Judgment. Ludewig restocked with Armored Warhorse, Müller cast Mesa Enchantress and Ice Cage. But Ludewig had more: Throne of Empires and Griffin Sentinel on the next turn. Müller had Stonehorn Dignitary, then Merfolk Mesmerist. The Mesmerist went into Oblivion Ring, but Müller had another.

Meanwhile Throne of Empires had created four tokens. So far, however, Griffin Sentinel was the only creature that could attack profitably. Ludewig returned a milled Pacifism via Auramancer, but chose to wait for a better target.

"Well, if you want to enchant a good creature, you'll have to choose one of yours," Müller quipped. Despite Pacifism waiting in his opponent's hand, Müller decided to summon Siege Mastodon on his turn, which was prompty pacified on Ludewig's. Ludewig attacked with Griffin Sentinel, five 1/1 tokens, and Auramancer. Mesa Enchantress, Stonehorn Dignitary, and Merfolk Mesmerist each blocked a token, killing two. Müller took 5 damage down to 12.

Müller cast Æther Adept and re-cast his Siege Mastodon. Again, Ludewig could only attack with his Griffin. Jace's Erasure and Merfolk Mesmerist raced that clock comfortably.

Andre Müller 1 – 0 Matthias Ludewig

Matthias Ludewig

Game Two

The game started with Blood Seeker for Ludewig, Merfolk Mesmerist. Ludewig forgot Blood Seeker's triggered ability, evening the score of forgotten triggers.

However, this time, Ludewig curved out nicely, with Benalish Veteran followed by Bloodrage Vampire. On turn four, Müller put a stop to those advances via Æther Adept, simulataneously removing Benalish Veteran from immediate consideration and providing a fine blocker for Bloodrage Vampire.

Ludewig replayed Benalish Veteran, Müller made Stonehorn Dignitary. Again, Ludewig forgot the Blood Seeker trigger to the general amusement of the watching crowd.

Ludewig still had no fourth land, to Müller's five, and simply played Griffin Sentinel. Müller had no play on his turn, Ludewig had Pacifism for Æther Adept, which allowed him to get through with Bloodrage Vampire and Griffin Sentinel, while Benalish Veteran ran into Stonehorn Dignitary.

Müller cast Pacifism on Bloodrage Vampire and Jace's Erasure. But Ludewig had Oblivion Ring for Müller's 1/4 and got in for more damage. Müller had no play once again. Ludewig got in for yet more damage, and summoned Stormfront Pegasus.

Müller had no Day of Judgment and that evened the more important (game) score.

Andre Müller 1 – 1 Matthias Ludewig

Andre Müller

Game Three

Müller had to mulligan and went without turn-two play, while Ludewig made Child of Night. The Child was returned to its master's hand via Æther Adept and Ludewig replaced it with Bloodrage Vampire. Müller summoned Jace's Archivist. Bloodrage Vampire and Æther Adept traded, then Ludewig cast Griffin Sentinel. Müller cast Crown of Empires and, during Ludewig's draw step, used Jace's Archivist to trade in his three cards in hand for a new grip of six.

Unfortunately for Ludewig, those six included Jace's Erasure. When Müller used Jace's Archivist the next time to make both players draw another six cards, Ludewig lost an additional six to Jace's Erasure, Sorin's Thirst among them. This left Ludewig with but one out: Oblivion Ring to remove Jace's Archivist. His next draw step didn't provide, and in the face of losing another 14 cards to the combination of Archivist and Erasure, he shrugged and picked up his cards.

Andre Müller 2 – 1 Matthias Ludewig