Posted in NEWS on March 2, 2014

By Pip Foweraker

It's 9:00, the kookaburras are singing (well, technically), and the sun is shining: it's the first round of Sunday, and Luke Mulcahy and Matt Rogers have blinked their way through the morning Australian sun to just where every Magic player wants to start their Day 2 run to the Top 8: the feature match table. Both players are X-1, looking to conserve their lead over the rest of the pack and inch closer to the final slots. Mulcahy is running a standard Mono-Blue, while Rogers pilots a B/W list.

Mulcahy opened with a Judge's Familiar, who was happy enough to let Roger's Thoughtseize resolve. Rogers nabbed a Nightveil Spectre over a Tidebinder Mage and a Frostburn Weird. Mulcahy's Familiar started nibbling at Roger's life total while he deployed the remaining men from his hand. Rogers had no action on his third Bile Blight took care of the Frostburn Weird, and Mulcahy followed up with a Thassa, God of the Sea.

Rogers measures the amount of removal spells he needs in scientific notation.

Thassa's Existence quickly got Revoked, and a Hero's Downfall went to take out Mulcahy's Tidebinder Mage, but it got upgraded instead through a Rapid Hybridization. Another Downfall took out the massive Frog, and Mulcahy followed with a Master of Waves. Rogers, stuck on 3 land for the last few turns, was running out of answers to Mulchay's deploying army.

Rogers tried a Pack Rat, but Mulcahy had a Cyclonic Rift, and Rogers shifted to his sideboard. "When I walked in this morning, I was saying 'Just pair me against anything but mono-blue'", rued Rogers, regretting saying such fateful words aloud before the pairings had been posted.

Luke Mulcahy 1 - Matt Rogers 0

The second game was destined to play out much like the first. Mulcahy opened with some early creatures, while Rogers - drawing a bit more mana this time - did what he could to kill, exile, devour, bring about the downfall of, and generally be unpleasant to said creatures.

Mulcahy regrets passing up the opportunity to quote Clint Eastwood.

Mulcahy's opening was bolstered by a pair of Mutavaults, who, alongside a Thassa and a Master of Waves, put too much pressure on Rogers to last more than a few turns into the mid-game.

Luke Mulcahy 2 - Matt Rogers 0

"It feels like the only way I can steal games in this matchup is with an early Pack Rat", said Rogers, chatting after the game. He had sideboarded even more removal into his deck and removed his larger creatures, but was always going to struggle to keep pace with Mono-Blue's rapid and consistent threat deployment.