Round 10: Wenzel Krautmann vs. Patrick Dickmann

Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Tobi Henke

In the battle of the 'manns, Patrick Dickmann met Wenzel Krautmann for a potential elimination match.

Going into the round with a record of 7-2, each of the two Germans knew he likely needed to win to stay in contention for a Top 8 berth. Or rather, for yet another Top 8 berth. Dickmann as well as Krautmann had some previous experience in this regard, going so far as to actually having hoisted a GP trophy this season. But whereas Krautmann could boast more Grand Prix Top 8 experience, Dickmann could boast more Pro Tour Top 8 experience, meaning Dickmann was playing for Platinum (which he could secure with a Top 4 here) while Krautmann had barely an outside shot at making it to Gold.

Dickmann was unhappy about his draft, having assembled a blue-green deck with a tiny splash of red and some fillers. Krautmann was on White/Red Aggro.

Game 1

After initial trades, Dickmann seemed to be able to stabilize behind Nylea's Disciple and Snake of the Golden Grove, while Krautmann assembled an army of Kragma Butcher, Dawnbringer Charioteers, God-Favored General, and Akroan Line Breaker. Dickmann added Setessan Oathsworn and Flamecast Wheel to his board, then attacked with the Disciple.

Krautmann took the opportunity to cast Quarry Colossus and put away the Snake of the Golden Grove, then came crashing in with all of his creatures.

Dickmann blocked and killed God-Favored General, keeping his Setessan Oathsworn thanks to Savage Surge. On his turn, he turned the Oathsworn 6/6 via Flitterstep Eidolon, commenting, "Well, this may look really weird, but pass the turn."

Dickmann had taken quite a bit of damage and Dawnbringer Charioteers proved a steady source of more. He tried to take down the 2/4 flier with the help of Renowned Weaver and Flamecast Wheel, but Krautmann had Ajani's Presence to save it. Meanwhile, Dickmann had cast a Vulpine Goliath.

Next, Dickmann bestowed Nylea's Emissary upon Setessan Oathsworn to create a trampling unblockable 11/11. Even the many life points Krautmann had generated via Dawnbringer Charioteers did not really matter in the face of such a threat. A couple of attacks later, Krautmann was forced to admit defeat.

"That's one of the bigger creatures I've ever build," said a happy Dickmann. "I guess I played my Quarry Colossus too early," frowned Krautmann.

Wenzel Krautmann 0-1 Patrick Dickmann

Wenzel Krautmann

Game 2

This was all about Krautmann's God-Favored General. The unassuming 1/1 creature first survived a Flitterstep Eidolon block with the help of Ajani's Presence, then went unblocked because Lightning Strike took out Setessan Oathsworn, and finally emerged alive from being blocked by Golden Hind thanks to Gods Willing.

Facing the General as well as six tokens, Dickmann picked up his cards for Game 3.

Wenzel Krautmann 1-1 Patrick Dickmann

Game 3

The early game was characterized by trades: Lightning Strike versus Golden Hind, Swordwise Centaur versus Stonewise Fortifier. But soon, cushioned with 4 extra life, Dickmann went on offense with his Snake of the Golden Grove. Initially, the race did not look like it would favor him definitely, though it certainly did once he bestowed Nylea's Emissary on Agent of Horizons.

Patrick Dickman

Krautmann fought back valiantly and managed to create a somewhat dangerous situation for Dickmann—involving Spark Jolt, Flamespeaker Adept, and Gods Willing—but Dickmann cleared with Triton Tactics. It didn't take long before Krautmann offered his hand in concession. "I just don't have any answer to a large unblockable guy," he said. Dickmann had won twice, at least in part, on the back of such a creature.

Wenzel Krautmann 1-2 Patrick Dickmann