Round 11: Mikael Magnusson vs. Timothée Simonot

Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Olle Rade

The Last of the Undefeated

As the only two players left undefeated, Swede Mikael Magnusson and Timothée Simonot shuffled out to battle for glory and honor and perfection in the second round of the day. Magnusson might not be a well known name on the European Magic scene, other than among dealers and traders, where he often shows up trading for highly sought after foils or Alpha singles. He did however make the finals of the team Grand Prix in Utrecht in 2013.

Timothée Simonot has a few more marks in his belt as he won Grand Prix London last year and also took down the World Magic Cup with Team France last summer. He is currently sitting on 18 Pro Points, looking desperately for two more this weekend to gain Silver Status and qualify for at least one Pro Tour next season.

Timothée Simonot


Seated next to each other in the draft, the players would have vague ideas about what the others were playing. Magnusson had assembled a Blue/White deck with 2 Sigil Starfish, a Phalanx Leader and a lot of card draw line Font of Fortunes, Oracle's Insight and Divination. Wheras Simonot was on the popular French archetype of a Green based multicolor deck, splashing for cards like Fall of the Hammer, Pharika's Mender and finding the mana to do so with three copies of Font of Fertility.


Simonot won the die roll and started strong with his Font of Fertility. Magnusson answered with Sigil Starfish, and the game looked to be shaping up nicely.

"That's a good one. I never pass one of those," Simonot commented and summoned Nylea's Disciple, a good creature to get through the 0/3-scryer.

Magnusson cast Oreskos Sun Guide, and Simonot Deadbringer Lampads, granting his Emissary intimidate. Magnusson cast Phalanx Leader in between his scry from the Starfish and Simonot could just pass his next turn, lacking both an Island and a Mountain to cast Fleetfeather Cockatrice or Fall of the Hammer in his hand.

Magnusson sat calmly behind his Starfish and fueled up his hand with Divination. Simonot summoned Goldenhide Ox, a potent threat, also making his Lampads unblockable for the turn, dropping Magnusson to 13.

The well dressed Swede grew his board by enchanting Phalanx Leader with Oracle's Insight, setting up to draw even more cards to set up to bury the Frenchman with card advantage. Simonot put his head in his hands, clearly frustrated by both his lack of the right lands and that Magnusson was drawing two cards a turn in addition to all the scry.

Simonot attacked with Goldenhide Ox, and when Magnusson blocked with Pahalanx Leader he knew what was up.

"I can see what's coming," he scowled.

Magnusson just smiled and cast Ajani's Presence, taking out the Emissary with the bonus of growing his other creatures with the trigger from Phalanx Leader..

Nessian Asp came down for Simonot, but Fate Foretold on Phalanx Leader grew Magnusson's team further and it was time to go on the offense. Oreskos Sun Guide dropped Simonot to 15 and Magnusson added another Starfish, this one only a 0/3 so far though.

Simonot finally drew his Island to be able to ambush Magnusson with Fleetfeather Cockatrice. The only problem? Magnusson had passed it in the draft and might very well see it coming.

Aqueous Form on Oreskos Sun Guide meant it could attack with no fear of being blocked either by the death toucher or a Monstrous Nessian Asp, putting Simonot to ten.

"Bird?", Magnusson asked at the end of his turn, signaling he very well knew what was up. Demoralised Simonot just made his Nessian Asp monstrous only to see it fall to Reprisal.

During his upkeep Simonot cast Horizon Chimera, meaning he could take another hit from the Sun Guide unless Magnusson had something to trigger Heroic on his Phalanx Leader.

Magnusson had something quite spicier in Sea God's Revenge, forcing Simonot to concede the first game.

"That's another good card," exhaled the Frenchman as he packed up his cards.

The second game started with a quick mulligan for Simonot. While Magnusson confidently kept.

"Easy mull," Simonot commented, grinding his teeth.

Once again Simonot had a first turn Font of Fertility, while Magnusson was without a Starfish Instead he went for Spirit of the Labyrinth.

"Nice colors," he commented when Simonot with an Island and a Forest in play went to fetch a Mountain with his Font of Fertility. Simonot just shrugged and cast Pheres-Band Tromper.

Magnusson with no play drew first blood by sending in his Spirit of the Labyrinth. Simonot cast Oakheart Dryads, making his Tromper 4/4, Magnusson smiled and showed Simonot the Reprisal in his hand, getting rid of the centaur.

Simonot went to Bestow Nylea's Disciple, but Magnusson had Dissolve for it. Simonot didn't attack, opting to trade his Dryads for the Spirit.

Magnusson added one of his Starfishes and the Phalanx Leader, but was stunned by Nessian Asp on Simonot's turn. Looking especially good with Reprisal already gone.

A second Starfish came down for the scrying Swede, while Simonot cast Divination and started attacking Magnusson with his Nessian Asp.

Even though he kept scrying twice in his upkeep Magnusson couldn't find the lands he needed for Vanquish the Foul to tame the Nessian Asp. When Simonot added more green beef in the form of Ravenous Leucrocota Magnusson was already too far behind to recover once he did find his sixth land for the Vanquish the Foul.

"I thought I was winning that one," he commented after the game, but without being able to put pressure on Simonot, who's mulligan didn't punish him at all the game had quite the different outcome.

For the first time in the match Simonot didn't have a Font of Fertility on his first turn in the decider. But it turned out he had drawn lands in all colors of the rainbow to power out all his deck could come up with.

Magnusson's start? Two Sigil Starfish of course, followed by Phalanx Leader and a bunch of triggers to grow both himself and his Starfish friends.

Horizon Chimera did come down for Simonot, but Magnusson had the answer in Armament of Nyx, and started attacking with a Great Hart that had also gotten it's share of the Phalanx Leader's blessing.

The Frenchman had a grip full of cards, but he tried his best to play around a Dissolve that Magnusson was signaling. He tried Deadbringer Lampads, and wasn't very surprised when Magnusson did Dissolve it. Opening up the window for something huge. His follow up? Nothing, just passed the turn to the scrying Swede.

Magnusson considered Oracle's Insight on Phalanx Leader, but went for Horizon Scholar, which met Nullify from the Frenchman, who wasn't as empty handed as he originally looked.

Great Hart attacked him down to 12 , but with three cards still in his hand, things were looking to be interesting.

Griptide sent Phalanx Leader back to Magnusson's deck, getting rid of an Aqueous Form in the process. Magnusson recast it. Still saving the Oracle's Insight in his hand.

Simonot summoned Ill-Tempered Cyclops, while Magnusson drew a great one in Ordeal of Thassa, enchanting his Phalanx Leader, Adding Oracle's Insight to it, making his team even larger.

Simonot drew, now staring down two 3/6 Sigil Starfish, a 3/3 Phalanx Leader with Oracle's Insight and a 5/7 Great Hart. He cast Ravenous Leucrocota, but it looked like this time it was Magnusson's creatures who had all the counters on them.

Supply-Line Crane came down, growing the Great Hart to 6/8. Forcing it to trade for Ravenous Leucrocota when Simonot blocked with his entire team.

Voyaging Satyr wasn't the Nessian Asp the Frenchman was hoping for and it was clear that he wished that the Star Fish had been in his deck to manipulate his draws rather than Magnusson's-

Magnusson kept scrying, like he had been for close to 50 minutes. Sent his Cranes and passed the turn. Simonot who now looked to be out of gas, just passed back.

Timothée Simonot


"What are you looking for?" he asked when Magnusson kept scrying cards to the bottom. Signaling he knew the game was up if Magnusson found his Sea God's Revenge or a few more triggers for his Phalanx Leader.


Fleetfeather Cockatrice jumped out at the end of Mike's Turn. But all the scrying finally paid off, when Magnusson found the Sea God's Revenge.

"I knew i was going to lose, just a matter of time", said Simonot, signaling he indeed saw the writings on the walls.

Mikael Magnusson defeats Timothée Simonot 2-1

Oh, and since we featured Simonot's draft, here's his deck list:

Timothée Simonot

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