Round 12: Ben Rubin vs. Dan Flood

Posted in NEWS on January 4, 2016

Ben Rubin vs. Dan Flood

In this feature match, experienced Pro Tour player Ben Rubin, playing a Miracle Grow deck of his and Brian Kibler's design, faced off against Dan Flood, creator of the Song of Flood deck from PT: New Orleans, who was playing his own variant of TurboLand. Rubin was 9-1-1 and Flood was 9-2; while Rubin could afford a loss here and still probably Top 8, Flood needed a win here in order to have a realistic shot at the Top 8.

Flood won the die roll, and elected to play first. He led with a Thawing Glaciers, while Rubin played an Island and cast Land Grant, revealing a hand of 2 Force of Will, 2 Foil, Werebear, and Winter Orb. Flood chose to Force of Will the Land Grant, removing Intuition from the game, but Rubin Forced back removing Foil from the game.

Ben Rubin

Flood didn't have a land drop to follow up his Thaw, and Rubin cast a Werebear the following turn. Flood again missed his land drop, and Rubin cast a 2nd Werebear. Flood finally drew into a Tropical Island, but Rubin was already pretty far ahead; he cast a Winter Orb on the next turn, and used the Werebears to cast a Quirion Dryad. Flood drew a Tropical Island and played it along with an Exploration, while Rubin continued to cast Quirion Dryads. Flood could not overcome the Winter Orb and conceded a few turns later.

Flood sided in Carpets of Flowers, Powder Kegs, and Submerges, taking out Intuitions, Accumulated Knowledges, a Horn of Greed, and an Upheaval, while Rubin brought in Annuls and Wax/Wanes for Werebears and Plows.

Flood again chose to play first for Game 2, and led with a Carpet of Flowers. On his second turn, he cast an Exploration, and then played 2 lands and cast a Powder Keg. Rubin's Turn 2 wasn't quite as explosive, as he only played a Quirion Dryad. Flood played a second Carpet of Flowers, but he had nothing to abuse it with, while Rubin's Quirion Dryad grew from a Merfolk Looter and a Brainstorm.

Dan Flood

Flood used the Keg to destroy the Looter and the Dryad, but Ben responded with a Mystic Enforcer; Flood used the Carpet of Flowers for the first time on his next turn to cast a Scroll Rack, but Rubin Annulled it, which also gave his Mystic Enforcer threshold. He swung for 6, bringing Flood down to 8, and Flood used his next turn to cast a Time Warp and a Back to Basics. This didn't stop the threats on the table, however, and Rubin swung for the win on the following turn.

Final Result: Ben Rubin defeats Dan Flood 2-0.

Dan Flood, Round 12 Feature Match

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Creature (2)
1 Morphling 1 Spike Weaver
Sorcery (5)
2 Gaea's Blessing 1 Upheaval 2 Time Warp
Artifact (5)
4 Horn of Greed 1 Scroll Rack
Enchantment (8)
4 Oath of Druids 4 Exploration
60 Cards

Ben Rubin, Round 12 Feature Match

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