Posted in NEWS on March 16, 2014

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa has maintained his momentum from yesterday's 8-1 finish today with wins in the first two rounds of Day Two. His opponent, Ramadan, has also performed impressively all weekend, only suffering one loss in the first round of today's play the whole weekend.

The Decks

Damo da Rosa was playing a deck that was suited to his comfort zone: Esper Control. Powerful non-creature spells and counters have always been what he enjoys most, and if the deck is good, why not sleeve it up?

Segio Ramadan earned his 9-0 record on the back of Selesnya Aggro, a deck capable of generating some powerful early threats and backing that up with instant-speed creatures like Boon Satyr and Advent of the Wurm.

The Games

Ramadan led off quickly with Fleecemane Lion, while Damo da Rosa spent the early turns on scry lands. Ramadan did not let up pressure, attacking for 3 and following that with Loxodon Smiter. Damo da Rosa would find himself at 10 before being able to cast Supreme Verdict, a particularly uncomfortable position to be in against Selesnya's instant-speed threats.

The Verdict swept the board, but Ramadam did not miss a beat, end-stepping a Boon Satyr and knocking Damo da Rosa to 6. Elvish Mystic gave Ramadan another creature, and passed again with mana up. Damo da Rosa unleashed his second Supreme Verdict, and Ramadan replaced his creatures with a 2/2 vigilance token courtesy of Selesnya Charm. Banisher Priest and Scavenging Ooze gave Ramadan a new board, but his hand was empty and he would have troubles against a third sweeper.

Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

However, Damo da Rosa was fresh out of those, having spent the last two turns clearing the table. Detention Sphere and Last Breath let Damo da Rosa clear away all but the Banisher Priest, and Sphinx's Revelation on the next turn got him to the late game that his deck desired, albeit at a scant 4 life. A Doom Blade on Banisher Priest and Sphinx's Revelation for two made that 6 on the next turn, and Elspeth, Sun's Champion all but sealed the deal, wrapping things up with three plus one activations and an ultimate to give him the first game.

Ramadan's start for the second game was a brutal one, with a second-turn Voice of Resurgence threatening to force Damo da Rosa to play by his rules. It was particularly daunting given the counters in Damo da Rosa's hand, and the situation was made far worse when Ramadan attempted a second Voice of Resurgence, which would join hiss in-play Voice as well as his Skylasher, which came down at the end of Damo da Rosa's third turn. Damo da Rosa had to go for the Syncopate, unable to deal with two of the Dragon's Maze mythic.

But then, Ramadan didn't make a token with his in-play Voice of Resurgence.

When Ramadan passed the turn, Damo da Rosa let out a breath of relief, immediately untapping to cast Jace, Architect of Thought, which made Ramadan's offense significantly less daunting.

Sergio Ramadan

Detention Sphere made quick work of the Voice of Resurgence, and Elspeth, Sun's Champion gave Damo da Rosa an immediate lead. All of this happened as Ramadan was stuck on three lands. Ramadan wasn't done yet, end-stepping a Boon Satyr and attacking Damo da Rosa, who was sitting at 8. Damo da Rosa threw two tokens at Boon Satyr and one at Skylasher, taking out the Satyr, but losing his Elspeth to Glare of Heresy.

However, all this time, Jace had been ticking up towards his ultimate. A Sphinx's Revelation for three found Damo da Rosa a Doom Blade, which allowed Damo da Rosa to keep up Syncopate and removal to ensure his Jace's ultimate. When the Architect of Thought hit the graveyard, it fetched up Damo da Rosa's Ætherling and Ramadan's Advent of the Wurm, netting Damo da Rosa some sizable offense, despite losing the wurm token to Selesnya Charm.

Mistcutter Hydra was a surprise for Damo da Rosa when a Thoughtseize revealed that his path to victory was clear, but Ætherling makes racing particularly daunting. It continued to take chunks out of Ramadan's life total, and then blinked out to make way for Supreme Verdict for the Mistcutter Hydra. Another Mistcutter off the top would not do it for Ramadan at that point, as the Ætherling represented lethal on the next turn. He offered the handshake after casting it.

Damo da Rosa 2 – Ramadan 0