Round 13: Mikael Magnusson vs. Nico Bohny

Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Olle Rade

You've seen them before. We've seen them before. In fact, they've even played each other before. Up until last round Mikael Magnusson was the only player in the tournament still undefeated. The first person to defeat him? Nico Bohny. In other words, a chance for revenge in the round 13 match against his Swiss nemesis. Which also happened to be a virtual win-and-in for the Top 8, as a record of 12 wins and a draw is usually the magic threshold to make it.

The draft hadn't been perfect for either player it seemed. When Nico Bohny spread out his cards during deck construction it looked like he had started with Blue/Black, but moved into red when the rares came his way. His deck had Tymaret, the Murder King, Flame Wreathed Phoenix, Silence the Believers, Extinguish all Hopes and Felhide Spiritbinder. In the end though, his deck looked like a solid Red Black build, although containing a few more fillers than he had planned.

Magnusson's draft surely could have gone better, especially in Theros, where a lack of good cards in his colors made him end up with a Blue/Black mediocrity, splashing Green for Prophet of Kruphix. Would it be a fight between two crippled combatants? Or would the rares of Bohny be enough to compensate for the lack of enough solid creatures? We would soon find out.

"So, did you have a good draft?" Bohny asked politely before the match.

"I'm super happy with my deck," Magnusson replied with Swedish sarcasm.

Magnusson had his back against the wall against his Swiss nemesis.


The first game saw a risky keep for the Swiss. With just two lands, Tymaret, the Murder King, Cast into Darkness and a few spells for three and four mana. When he stumbled on two lands for some turns Magnusson assembled Wavecrash Triton, Burnished Heart and Servant of Tymaret.


The problem though, when you can't pressure your opponent who gets stuck on lands is that once they draw them, their hand is stacked with spells and they have a good shot of coming back into the game. Fearing that might be what was going to be the case Magnusson set his mind to attack for lethal before Bohny could stabilize.

It looked like he could get there after stealing Tymaret, the Murder King with Siren of the Silent Fang. But when Bohny started hitting his lands and follow up with Flame Wreath Phoenix, Borderline Minotaur, and a crucial Gray Merchant of Asphodel, it turned out Magnusson was one point of damage short in the race against the Phoenix, and Bohny finished the job with Cavern Lampard on his Phoenix.

Nico Bohny against Magnusson's mediocre hand.


Game Two wasn't as close, but once again it started with Magnusson in the driving seat. Bohny had a lone Reckless Reveler to Magnusson's Dacra Mystic, Felhide Minotaur and Breaching Hippocamp. But an Extinguish all Hopes cleared the board after Magnusson added Burnished Heart, and the card advantage of the rare sorcery was hard to come back from.


A Siren Song Lyre could keep Bohny's Ill-Tempered Cyclops at bay. But Magnusson was struggling to find anything to get an offensive of his own going after his hopes were extinguished.

Bohny hit the nails in the coffin one at a time with Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Tymaret, the Murder King and Silence the Believers to take out Magnusson's attempt of blockers. Giving Bohny the game, and the match.

After conceding, Magnusson showed his hand of Phenax, God of Deception and Crypsis, explaining how he everything set up to mill his opponent out in just a few turns. But it was all too slow.

"Well, let's hope for a rematch in the top 8," Nico Bohny said comforting.

Nico Bohny wins the match 2-0, remains Magnusson's nemesis and moves to 12 wins. Most likely he now only needs an intentional draw in the two upcoming rounds to make Top 8.