Posted in NEWS on April 13, 2014

By Josh Bennett

The Players

Takanori Ootaki started playing Magic with 6th Edition, though he took a short braek between Apocalypse and Time Spiral. A self-affirmed amateur, he focuses mainly on limited play, and played in his first Grand Prix at Yokohama last year. He Day 2'd then, too.

Chapman Sim vs. Takanori Ootaki

Singapore's Chapman Sim might be one of the less-decorated members of Team MTG Mint Card, but he's already shown he's no slouch. He came second at Grand Prix Singapore last year and has been looking for revenge on Ken Yukuhiro ever since.

Both are sitting at 11-2, within striking distance of the Top 8. Winning out would all but guarantee a berth.

The Decks

Ootaki is playing Blue-White Heroic, looking to dominate the board with a single massive threat. Sim is playing a deck of powerful cards that's mainly Red-Green, but he couldn't resist getting a little artistic thanks to Opaline Unicorn and Temple of Mystery, splashing Voyage's End and Triton Tactics. "It gives the deck a little finesse." Between rounds he was actually consulting with teammate Shi-Tian Lee over his build, and was convinced to board into a more conservative, streamlined build.

The Games

In game one they traded their first creatures and Ootaki summoned Daxos of Meletis. Sim's gameplan was to ignore it for the time being. Oracle of Bones put Ootaki to a decision and he chose to pay the tribute rather than risk a free spell. Hopeful Eidolon was supposed to tip the race in his favor, but Sim's next play was Nessian Demolok, which came in as a 6/6. Daxos was outclassed.

Takanori Ootaki

Things only got worse from there. Ootaki was drawing small creatures. Sim was blowing up Daxos with Ordeal of Purphoros and then getting free cards with Courser of Kruphix. On the short ride from there to the game's conclusion, Ootaki had to untap with Bow of Nylea staring him in the face from the top of Sim's library. It felt like it should merit an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for Sim.

Sim 1 - Ootaki 0

Chapman Sim

Ootaki's Top 8 hopes dwindled as he mulliganed to six cards, and all but disappeared when he had to keep going to five. His first play of the game was on turn five, when he summoned Hopeful Eidolon and bestowed Nyxborn Shieldmate onto it. Sim already had Kragma Butcher and Courser of Kruphix in play. It went about as you'd expect.

Chapman Sim defeats Takanori Ootaki 2-0