Round 2: Christer Ljones vs Raphael Levy

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This match had these two well-known faces against each other. Christer was with W/G rebels, featuring Lin Sivvi, Cho-Arrim Bruiser and Vitalizing Winds. Raphael had a W/B deck with Flowstone Thopter, Reveille Squad and Cateran Enforcer. Christer wins the toss and chooses to play.

Game 1: Having drawn a mediocre hand, Christer debates mulliganing it, but considering he has land he decides not to. Christer started off with a Remote Farm. Both players then drop lands until Raphael's third turn, when he plays a Bog Glider. Christer draws and plays a Defiant Vanguard on his turn. Raphael attacks with the glider on his next turn and makes a Reveille Squad. Christer again has a turn without a spell, but noticeably doesn't really mind it, as he has his Vanguard. Raphael attacks with just the glider next turn and makes another amazing creature; his Cateran Enforcer. Christer responds by recruiting a Lightbringer and deals with this threat immediately. On his own turn he again just plays a land. Raphael attacks with his glider again and plays a Skulking Fugitive and a Mine Bearer. Christer now recruits the main feature of his deck, the Lin Sivvi. Raphael wasn't really happy to see her hit the table, and doesn't have an answer for it. On his next turn he attacks with just the Fugitive, who is blocked by Christer's Vanguard, and Raphael plays a Soul Charmer to keep the pressure up a bit. At the end of the turn, Christer revives his Lightbringer and the game looks grim for Raphael. Next turn, Raphael just has another land, just like Christer.

Christer decides that Lin Sivvi is feeling lonely on the table still and recruits a Cho-Arrim Bruiser. The sight of these two incredible Rebel rares obviously amazed Raphael. When he attacked with his bruiser next turn, Christer tapped the Mine Bearer and the Reveille Squad. Raphael draws and plays an Avenger en-Dal next turn and Christer retrieves another Lightbringer from his and putting a Defiant Vanguard on the bottom. He attacks with his Bruiser on his turn again, tapping the same creatures and bringing Raphael to 14 life. Raphael on his turn attacks with his Bog Glider again, and Christer removes it with one of his Bringers. On his next turn Raphael scoops when Christer plays a Cho-Manno's Blessing for white on his Cho-Arrim Bruiser and the players move on to the next game.

Ljones 1 - Levy 0

Game 2: Christer decides to sideboard his Marsh Boa and Mine Bearer in. Raphael gets to go first and starts off with a swamp. Christer drops a forest and plays a Skyshroud Cutter. Both players drop some land again and on his fourth turn Raphael plays a Reveille Squad. Christer on his turn drops a Charmed Griffin and Raphael has nothing to put across that in his hand. On his next turn Raphael attacks with his Squad and plays a Fen Stalker. Christer attacks with both his creatures on his next turn and plays a Defender en-Vec. Once again the game is looking grim for Raphael, but it's still young. Raphael attacks with his Reveille Squad again and Christer blocks with his Defender en-Vec. Once back in the main phase, Raphael plays a Bog Glider and a Steal Strength on the Defender en-Vec, finishing it off. After laying down a forest on his next turn, Christer plays a Cho-Arrim Bruiser, much to Raphael's dislike. Attacking with his griffin and cutter brings Raphael down to 11 life.

Raphael's next turn proved to be decisive for the game. He played a Vicious Hunger on Christer's Bruiser and attacked with both his Squad and his Fen Stalker. Before blocking he tapped all his lands for mana in order to make the Fen Stalker scary. Christer blocks the Reveille Squad with his Bruiser and Raphael fetches his Agent of Shauku with his Bog Glider and sacs two land to it in order to bring Christer down to 10. Christer attacked with his Bruiser on his next turn and played a Lin Sivvi. Raphael once again attacked with his Fen Stalker and pumped it to 7/2 again, bringing Christer down to 3. Raphael chumpblocked Christer's Charmed Griffin when it attacked and finished Christer off with his Fen Stalker next turn.

Ljones 1 - Levy 1

Game 3: Christer chose to play again, and again it was Raphael who played the first spell. Raphael's second turn falcon had to face a third turn Silt Crawler though. On his fourth turn Christer played a Charmed Griffin, but Raphael gladly put a Flowstone Thopter across that. Next turn Raphael attacks with Thopter next turn, bringing Christer down to 15. Christer attacks on his next turn with his Silt Crawler and Charmed Griffin. Raphael recruited his Defiant Vanguard and blocked the Silt Crawler, going down to 14 life. Christer shows his dislike of the Thopter with a Devout Witness, but Raphael has a new threat ready in the form of a Cateran Enforcer. He attacks with his Falcon and Thopter, bringing Christer down to 10 life. Christer responded to the Enforcer by playing one of his Lightbringers and he killed the Flowstone Thopter as well. After his attack with his Charmed Griffin, Christer passed the turn. Raphael charged back with his Enforcer and Falcon, bringing Christer to 5 life.

In order to keep up the pressure he plays a Reveille Squad alongside the Falcon and Enforcer. Christer attacked with his Charmed Griffin again during his next turn, bringing Raphael down to 8 life. After that he killed off the Enforcer and played a Charm Peddler. Raphael attacked with his Reveille Squad next turn, and a Devout Witness, who happened to get a Mageta's Boon, killed it. Raphael played a Ramosian Captain after his attack. Christer attacks with his Witness and Griffin next turn, bringing Raphael down to 2 life. Christer makes a Defiant Vanguard and Raphael recruited his Soul Charmer. During Raphael's next turn time is called, so he takes his time to think about his actions. He decides to attack with all three his creatures and Christer blocks the Captain with his Vanguard and blocks the Soul Charmer with his Charm Peddler. Christer saved his Charm Peddler from death and went down to four life. Raphael plays a Soul Strings on his Flowstone Thopter and Reveille Squad, and makes his Squad again. Christer attacks with all his creatures again next turn and the Griffin is chumpblocked by Raphael's Falcon and his Devout Witness meets both the Soul Charmer and the Reveille Squad. Christer discards his last card to save the Devout Witness. On his next turn Raphael attacks with his Soul Charmer bringing Christer down to 2 and plays a Rackling to finish off the cardless Christer.

Ljones 1 - Levy 2