Round 3: Rui Mariani vs. Andre Konstanczer

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Game 1

Blastoderm. A nice creature. In constructed you are allowed to play 4 in a 60 card deck. Konstanczer managed to find 2 in the draft. Thats only a ratio difference of 1.15 vs 1.20. Not bad. The first game showed that math matters as both hit the table, on turn four and turn five. Usually in constructed you lose if your opponenet plays a fourth and fifth turn Blastoderm In limited if you manage not to soil yourself when you see 2 Blastoderms on the fifth turn, you've done well. Mariani managed to look dignified as the 2 Blastoderms brought him to 3. It isn't hard to finish a man when he's that close to 0. Konstanczer managed.


Facing 2 Blastoderms in 5 turns will make a man, even a very good Magic player, do strange things. What did Mariani do ? He brought in Misstep.

Game 2

Misstep actually saw time in this game. Mariani fired it off the turn after he Brainstormed, which has to be a bad sign. It did save him 5 points of health, but it wasn't much. Mariani had done plenty of such inspiring as his first 5 plays in the second game consisted of Ridgeline Rager (a definite #1 draft choice), Brainstorm, Rishadan Footpad, Lacolith Rig, and Misstep (the crowning gem.) This sequence would remind most of some Magic home variant involving commons from the floor and plenty of beer, but this sequence was played by a top player at two wins and no losses ! So after the air cleared, Mariani had to bring out the big guns on Konstanczer's undertaker to stop the Blastoderm recursion, namely both Rhystic Lightning and Thunderclap (Konstanczer had invigorate.) Unfortunately for Mariani, coming back after such a bad early game required assistance from the divine providence known as your deck. It didn't happen and Mariani lost to a Thrived Giant Caterpillar token staring at 2 Flowstone Crushers and a Spiktail Drake. Well, there is always the next draft. Good luck Rui. I'll be rooting for you.