Round 3: Timme Nyegaard vs Ondrej Baudys

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1998 Danish national champion Timme Nyegaard took on 2000 Czech national champion Ondrej Baudys in a round three feature match. Nyegaard is widely considered the best player in Denmark (of course, Trey van Cleave has now moved there and can certainly make a case for that title). Baudys, along with Jakub Slemr, Lucas Ladras, and Ivan Stanoev helped put the Czech Republic on the Magic map several years ago. Each player was 1-1 coming into the round.

Nyegaard played many black and white grey ogres in the first game. Baudys held them all off with Ribbon Snake and Coastal Hornclaw. Baudys started sacrificing land so he could attack with his Hornclaw and he threw Rhystic Syphon as Nyegaard when he got the chance. Eventually, Baudys swept the board with Massacre and then played a Blockade Runner. Nyegaard shut down the Hornclaw with Greel's Caress, but he never found an answer to Blockade Runner and that Massacre prevented him from ever mounting an offense.

Game 2 was very simple: Nyegaard played a Pit Raptor and Baudys couldn't deal with it. With Enslaved Horror staying back to play defense, Nyegaard simple tapped Pit Raptor five times and then it was on to game 3.

Baudys played very well while color screwed early in game 3. He used Trickster Mage, Belbe's Armor, and a 1/1 token that came from a Nyegaard Afterlife to hold off many many Death Charmers. Nyegaard used Rathi Fiend to recruit a total of 4 Mercenaries out of his deck, but Baudys help them off while hoping to draw swamp #3 so he could cast the Volrath that was n his hand from the beginning of the game. When Nyegaard put his fourth Death Charmer on the table, Baudys couldn't wait any longer - he cleared the board with Massacre. Nyegaard used Steal Strength to save one Death Charmer (and kill the Trickster Mage that Baudys wanted save with Belbe's Armor). However, Baudys had Saprazzan Outrigger to prevent any further Nyegaard attacks.

Nyegaard played his Pit Raptor again, but Belbe's Armor shut it down. Belbe's Armor #2 made it even harder for Nyegaard to attack. Finally, Baudys found swamp #3 for Volrath, but now time was running out. Time expired during Baudys' first attack with Volrath. Nyegaard used Greel's Caress to slow Volrath down a bit and then chump blocked as the they played out their extra turns. It looked like Baudys as going to win if they had 5 more turns, but as it was the game and the match ended in a draw.