Round 4: Johan Prinzell vs. Ivan Floch

Posted in NEWS on June 28, 2014

By Olle Rade

Although the pressure isn't as high this early in the tournaments as in the "win and in"-rounds. It's always fun to see the players with a few byes putting their decks to the first crucial tests of the day.

Round four saw Johan Prinzell of Sweden, who made top 8 at GP Vienna last year against Slovak Ivan Floch. The latter being both a Pro Tour and Grand Prix Regular, currently sitting at 27 Pro Points. He is looking to make a few here to hit 35 at Pro Tour Magic 2015 to lock up Gold Status for next season.

As the players shuffled up for the first game, Floch had a big smile on his face, warning the coverage reporter that his Blue/White deck might a few unorthodox cards in it, flashing an Eidolon of Rhetoric after drawing his opener.

The Eidolon was indeed the first creature that hit the board, as Floch had won the die roll, and started with the interesting enchantment creature. Prinzell unfortunately, was unable to find more lands than the two in his opening hand. And saw himself discarding on turn three in the face of the Eidolon of Rhetoric.

"I will beat you down relentlessly with my Eidolon," Floch claimed with quite a bit of sarcasm, and added Heliod's Emissary to his board.

Prinzell found his third land just in time to stay in the game and cast Wavecrash Triton.

Flock attacked for four, dropping Prinzell to 15 and followed up his army of mediocrity with a Silent Artisan. Sighing slightly that he still hadn't drawn any lands other than Plains.

Prinzell played another land and passed the turn. Planning to Sudden Storm some of Floch's team to preserve his life total and scrying for answers.

Ivan, left with just his Eidolon of Rhetoric, declined an attack, and cast Loyal Pegasus.

Prinzell, looked the smallest bit more enthusiastic when he got to cast an Eidolon of Blossoms on his turn, drawing a card for it, and pass back to Floch.

Ivan, still with nothing but Plains debated for a while whether to take out one of Prinzell's creatures with a Last Breath, but finally decided not to, thinking he might get a better opportunity. He also didn't really want to give Prinzell the four life he would gain from the White instant.

Floch's next attack dropped Prinzell to 13, and a Traveling Philosopher joined the Plains powered offense.

On his turn, Prinzell bestowed Nyxborn Wolf on his Wavecrash Triton, forcing Floch to Last Breath it, going back up to 17, and drawing his second card from Eidolon of Blossoms when it hit the battlefield as a creature instead.

The Slovak kept his offense going, attacking with everything. Getting his Traveling Philosopher traded for Nyxborn Wolf, sending Prinzell back down to 11, before finally revealing his second color by playing an Island before passing the turn.

Prinzell kept bringing creatures from Nyx to his side, this time a Nyxborn Triton, granting him a third card from Eidolon of Blossoms, but with no other play on his turn.

Floch, now with only two cards in hand went to combat, only to see his Heliod's Emissary sent back to his deck via Unravel the Æther, but still attacked with everything but his Eidolon. Prinzell deciding his best chances were taking it all, going down to three.

It turned out he had a plan to claw back into the game though. With Sea God's Revenge on his turn, bouncing all of Floch's creatures, save a Loyal Pegasus, which wasn't looking as loyal anymore. Prinzell even attacking for the first time of the game. Dropping Floch to 16.

Ivan recast his Eidolon of Rhetoric, and added a Chorus of the Tides, which would be lethal if Prinzell couldn't come up with a flier or a spell to answer it.

Prinzell did his math for a few seconds, before casting Nylea's Emissary, drawing a fourth card from Eidolon of Blossoms. And tried to cast a Chorus of the Tides of his own. But Ivan quickly pointed to his Eidolon of Rhetoric, stating that a player can only cast one spell a turn.

"Oh, right," Prinzell exclaimed, and conceded the game to Ivan's Chorus of the Tides.

Both players had quite a laugh about the card that Ivan originally pointed out as a warning signal that his deck wasn't very good.

Both players kept their openers in Game Two. Ivan leading with Loyal Pegasus and Johan answering with a 2/1 of his own in Bronze Sable. Lacking a turn three play he did however get in the first attack, putting Floch at 18.

Floch took over the initiative with a Nyxborn Triton, before Prinzell cast the familiar Eidolon of Blossoms, drawing his fourth card of the match from the Journey into Nyx limited all star.

Ivan shrugged and attacked with his Nyxborrn/Pegasus duo, putting Prinzell to 16, before passing.

On his turn Prinzell cast Perplexing Chimera. Causing quite the sour face from the Slovak, while drawing the match's fifth card from Eidolon of Blossoms before attacking again with his Sable, equalizing the life total to 16 each.

At the end of his turn. Floch sent the Chimera back to hand with Hubris, making it look like he really didn't want it on the board.

It became clear why when he, after attacking and Prinzell declined to block cast Dictate of Heliod, making his creatures big enough to drop the Swede to a precarious 8 life.

Knowing his Chimera had missed his chance, Prinzell instead cast Riptide Chimera, drawing extra card #6, and followed it up with a Nyxborn Wolf, drawing card #7 from the Eidolon of Blossoms.

Although it had allowed him to draw far more cards than his opponent, the Eidolon's weakness became clear as it didn't effect the board much by itself. Setting up for the long game rather than dealing with Floch's creatures, made huge by Dictate of Heliod.

Flock again attacked with his Dictated team. Prinzell quickly double blocked Nyxborn Triton and put his Riptide Chimera in front of the Loyal Pegasus. Floch however added insult to the injury with Acolyte's Reward, preventing three to his Loyal Pegasus, redirecting the damage to Eidolon of Blossoms to clear Johan's entire board before adding Eagle of the Watch. Now with eight power of fliers to Prinzell's empty board.

Prinzell could only muster a Centaur Battlemaster. Succumbing to Floch's fliers on the next turn.

"I almost got to cast this guy," Floch said with a smile, pointing to the Benthic Giant in his hand, signaling that although his deck has some really strong cards, it also has some not as strong.

"It has lots of fillers and a Dictate of Heliod, but if I draw that often enough I might get somewhere," he added before the players parted. Floch now needing to keep on doing just that to make Day Two. And Johan Prinzell, with only 8 Pro Points for the Season would need to win most of his matches to do the same.