Posted in NEWS on May 24, 2014

By Olle Rade

The players barely had time to enjoy their three byes as action started here in Atlanta. Fresh off a fourth round win each, round five saw friends Tom "the boss" Ross and brewmaster Conley Woods square off for a shot at day two and the continuing hunt for Pro Points.

"Tom and I had this thing where if one of us made top 8 the other would too, but then Tom stopped playing, and I started doing worse, but for a while we had a good thing going," Woods explained as the two shook hands before the match.

Aggro deck aficionado Tom "the Boss" Ross

Regarding their decks, Conley Woods had tweeted his Green/Black build as "Nothing too flashy but a solid curve and a Sylvan Caryatid". Tom Ross was on Blue/Green, with multiple Sudden Storms and a Mistcutter Hydra as his rare all-star.

As the match fired off, it turned out it would be Conley's Caryatid who gave him the upper hand. In the first game he curved Sylvan Caryatid into Cavern Lampad and bestowed it with Spirespine for what looked like a clock almost as quick as the pace of the super fast turns the players were taking.

Ross had to 2-for-1 himself with Time to Feed on his Chorus of the Tides to get rid of the lethal Cavern Lampard. But when Conley followed up with Vulpine Goliath and Heroes' Bane the game was quickly over in favor of the Caryatid-powered army.

Tom Ross started off game two with a mulligan and Conley Woods, fresh from a 33rd finish at the Pro Tour last weekend once again had his trademark Sylvan Caryatid. Ross got his hopes up when Conley didn't have a turn three play, but seeing as Ross's hand was all Sudden Storms, Aspect of Hydra, Triton Tactics and no creature but a turn five Prescient Chimera, he wasn't out of the woods quite yet.

Brewmaster Conley Woods

On Woods's side of the table big beasts came in the form of Ravenous Leucrocota, Vulpine Goliath and an Eater of Hopes. "I just keep putting down larger and larger things," he exclaimed, unable to hold off a laugh at his heavy curve.

Ross did have a Sudden Storm to lock down Woods offense for a turn, while summoning a Setessan Oathsworn to get a race going. But when Woods added a Sedge Scorpion and gained six life from a Nylea's Disciple things were looking grim for the Louisianan.

Woods added a Baleful Eidolon, beefed it up with the all too familiar Spirespine and not even a second Sudden Storm from Ross could keep him alive for a turn when Woods finished the job with an Aspect of Hydra.

In the end, it turned out that Woods mana accelerant Sylvan Caryatid allowed him to get ahead in both games, and he does indeed hold it as the best card in his deck.

"Outside of a bomb rare it's the card I most want in my deck. I have that and a Voyaging Satyr, but without those my deck would be pretty bad, " he explained after the match.

"I actually peeled the Caryatid of the top, so I got a little lucky keeping a slow hand," he admitted before wishing his friend Tom Ross the best of luck for the rest of the weekend. Both players are looking to score a few Pro Points to continue their quest for Silver and Gold level Pro Status.

Ross 0 – Woods 2