Posted in NEWS on March 22, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

Facing each other in round 5 are Lukas Blohon and Patrick Dickmann. Both have advanced to the Top 8 of a Pro Tour before, with Dickmann's success being slightly more recent at Pro Tour Born of Gods just a few weeks ago.

Dickmann won the die roll and opted to go first. Both players kept their respective opening hands and play was on.

Dickmann seemingly had the better start with a Traveler's Amulet and a Deepwater Hypnotist, however, Blohon found Oreskos Sun Guide to put up some opposition.

After the Amulet improved Dickmann's mana base, he opted to trade creatures, blocking Oreskos Sun Guide with Deepwater Hypnotist. Blohon then took the initiative with Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass who seemed more than capable of dominating this game.

BloLukas Blohon had the right tools to clear the path for his Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass!

A Snake of the Golden Grove and a Satyr Hedonist were supposed to buy Dickmann more time, but both were taken out by Blohon's removal: Fall of the Hammer and a Bolt of Keranos.

Artisan's Sorrow bought Dickmann another turn, but he still didn't find a way to deal with the Cyclops despite more than seven lands in front of him, causing him to shuffle up in frustration.

Lukas Blohon 1 - 0 Patrick Dickmann

Dickmann held his breath when his Satyr Wayfinder failed to find a land in the second game.

Blohon on the other hand found a Ghostblade Eidolon, but it was no match for the Polis Crusher that Dickmann cast on his following turn - despite his Wayfinder fizzling, Dickmann hadn't skipped a land drop up to that point.

Spirit of the Labyrinth came down, but it wouldn't dare going up against the Polis Crusher who now started to put in some work for Dickmann. A Snake of the Golden Grove made matters worse for Blohon who was now busy looking for answers.

Blohon tried to gain the other hand with an enchanted Spirit of the Labyrinth.

An Everflame Eidolon on Spirit of the Labyrinth combined with Fall of the Hammer allowed him to deal with the Snake, but he was still staring down Polis Crusher.

It made it 11 life for Blohon the following turn and when Dickmann used Magma Jet to get rid of Ghostblade Eidolon, things were starting to look grim for Blohon.

He fought back with Bolt of Keranos, taking out Satyr Wayfinder and allowing him to get more damage in with his enchanted Spirit of the Labyrinth. Or so he thought, however, since an Unravel the Æther returned the Spirit to Blohon's library. He rebuilt with Everflame Eidolon, but when Polis Crusher became Monstrous the following turn, Blohon knew this game was over.

Patrick Dickmann ties the score!

Blohon was on the play for the first time in the third game and he got the first damage in with a Spirit of the Labyrinth after Fall of the Hammer once again cleared the path, getting rid of Satyr Hedonist.

Dickmann started to take control of the game.

Dickmann started to take control with the game, getting rid of Ghostblade Eidolon with Artisan's Sorrow and adding a blocker with Deepwater Hypnotist. That put Blohon's offensive efforts to a complete halt, with Dickmann sending both cards to the bottom of this deck.

Blohon did find Oreskos Sun Guide after, but he failed to drop another land. That's when Dickmann started to turn things around completely, casting Satyr Wayfinder and adding a Temple to his hand. An Agent of Horizons made matters worse for Blohon.

Dickmann used his Satyr Wayfinder to deal with Spirit of the Labyrinth.

After Blohon's Oreskos Sun Guide connected and Spirit of the Labyrinth dealt with Satyr Wayfinder, Hopeful Eidolon enchanted Oreskos Sun Guide.

Bident of Thassa allowed Dickmann to draw cards!

Dickmann then had a huge turn with Bident of Thassa and a Sedge Scorpion. Blohon tried to fight back with Oracle of Bones, but Sedge Scorpion blocked it. Gods Willing gave it protection from green, however, which resulted in a much more evenly matched field.

The following turns, Dickmann drew more cards thank to his Bident of Thassa and he added Coastline Chimera while using Fall of the Hammer to get rid of Oracle of Bones!

Blohon was now staring down a huge field of four creatures. He attacked with Oreskos Sun Guide and Coastline Chimera blocked. Ill-Tempered Cyclops came down, but Blohon looked like he thought this was over already.

Dickmann was so far ahead, it didn't seem like Blohon could ever turn this around.

Coastline Chimera and Agent of Horizons connected and Dickmann drew two more cards. A Vulpine Goliath provided him with yet another huge threat, making this game even more one-sided than it already was.

Blohon simply passed on his following turn; Dickmann attacked with Coastline Chimera and Agent of Horizons after using the latter's effect, once again drawing two cards and he then cast Polis Crusher. Ill-Tempered Cyclops became Monstrous at the end of this turn.

Blohon put his hands over his head, thinking hard about his possible options. He wasn't completely out of the game already. He then declared attacks, tapping both of his creatures. Dickmann decided to play it safe, triple blocking the Ill-Tempered Cyclops, but Blohon had Rage of Purphoros; this allowed him to trade his creature for all 3 blockers! Could he turn this around despite all the advantage that Dickmann had generated with the help of the Bident?

Dickmann found Nyxborn Wolf, a new Deepwater Hypnotist and Traveler's Amulet on his following turn. His hand was still loaded with cards.

Oreskos Sun Guide attacked, Coastline Chimera blocked it, Dauntless Onslaught got cast by Blohon, but a Lightning Strike from Dickmann made sure that his creature would come out of the battle victorious. That meant that Blohon's last chance to win this game evaporated; he was forced into a block with Hopeful Eidolon the following turn and immediately after drawing his card for the turn, he extended the hand.

Patrick Dickmann overcomes Lukas Blohon 2 - 1!

Patrick Dickmann was able to turn this match around after taking an early loss in the first game. The third game went back and forth for quite a while, but once Dickmann got his engine going with Bident of Thassa, there was little Blohon could do to win the game.