Round 6 Results (by Team)

Posted in NEWS on December 30, 2015

Team Result Opponent
A lu ba Lost 0-3 vs Daisy
A.G.T. Lost 0-3 vs Three Man
Alligator Won 2-1 vs Team
Anchans Won 2-1 vs Team T.T.T.
Antarctica Lost 0-1-2 vs
APAC Won 2-1 vs Madagascar
B.b.c. Mage Won 2-1 vs O-La O-La
Baal Won 2-1 vs Vindcate
Beast Won 2-1 vs Weaky
Black House Won 3-0 vs Jester's Cap
Black Shop Won 3-0 vs Lucky Number
Black Tea Lost 1-2 vs I have three Dromar
CDT Won 3-0 vs Demonic Alliance
D.M.T. Lost 1-2 vs Moss
D.R.M Lost 0-3 vs Diabolic Intent
Daisy Won 3-0 vs A lu ba
Datcho Club Won 3-0 vs Tea Shop
Demonic Alliance Lost 0-3 vs CDT
Diabolic Intent Won 3-0 vs D.R.M
Dr. no-right Won 3-0 vs Team B
ET Lost 0-3 vs HKCCGA
Fire Beat Won 2-1 vs Team B.H.
First Store Drew 0-0-3 vs L.L.S. team
GDT Lost 1-2 vs Wrath of God
HKCCGA Won 3-0 vs ET Team B Lost 0-3 vs Dr. no-right
I have three Dromar Won 2-1 vs Black Tea
J.C Won 3-0 vs New Hand
Jester's Cap Lost 0-3 vs Black House
L.L.S. team Drew 0-0-3 vs First Store
Lighting Monkey ~ RED Drew 0-0-3 vs The Zoo
Liu Sung Kuo Lost 0-3 vs P.S (Perfect Skull)
Lucky Number Lost 0-3 vs Black Shop
M.T.R. Won 3-0 vs Team CK
Madagascar Lost 1-2 vs APAC
Moss Won 2-1 vs D.M.T.
New Hand Lost 0-3 vs J.C
O-La O-La Lost 1-2 vs B.b.c. Mage
P.S (Perfect Skull) Won 3-0 vs Liu Sung Kuo
Perdue Lost 0-3 vs WWW
Phelddagrif Won 2-1 vs The cats sleeping on a cofe
Real Lost 1-2 vs Red Suns
Red Suns Won 2-1 vs Real
Solution Won 2-0-1 vs US$4500
Tea Shop Lost 0-3 vs Datcho Club
Team B.H. Lost 1-2 vs Fire Beat
Team Lost 1-2 vs Alligator
Team CK Lost 0-3 vs M.T.R.
Team T.T.T. Lost 1-2 vs Anchans
The cats sleeping on a cofe Lost 1-2 vs Phelddagrif
The Zoo Drew 0-0-3 vs Lighting Monkey ~ RED
Three Man Won 3-0 vs A.G.T.
US$4500 Lost 0-2-1 vs Solution
Vindcate Lost 1-2 vs Baal
Weaky Lost 1-2 vs Beast
What!? * BYE *
Wrath of God Won 2-1 vs GDT
WWW Won 3-0 vs Perdue Won 1-0-2 vs Antarctica