Posted in NEWS on March 22, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

We invited two powerhouses to our Feature Match table and both of them are sporting an impressive 6 - 0 record: Raphaël Lévy who is ranked 22nd in the Top 25 and Tomas Kuchta. If Lévy keeps this up, he might even move up the rankings a little more.

Lévy won the die roll and he opted to go first. His early offense with an Oreskos Sun Guide was temporarily stopped by a Deepwater Hypnotist. Both players went on and added more creatures, with Lévy finding Borderland Minotaur and Kuchta adding Thassa's Emissary.

Lévy found some heavy hitters with his red creatures!

A Chained to the Rocks took out Kuchta's Thassa's Emissary, basically forcing Kuchta to block the Oreskos Sun Guide with his Deepwater Hypnotist to not take too much damage. Lévy then added Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass to pull even further ahead.

The red army was about to wrap things up in lightning fashion!

Setessan Griffin was supposed to turn things around, but Lévy found yet another removal with Lightning Strike. A Spearpoint Oread then spelled doom on Kuchta's hopes of Lévy ever skipping a beat in this first and furious game.

He shook his head in disbelief and when he started shuffling up, Lévy commented: "That's what I thought!"

Raphaël Lévy claims the lead!

Both players took their time accessing their respective sideboards. Kuchta appeared like he was slightly in shock after the desaster that was the first game, but he found his concentration again just when he needed it the most. Both players kept their opening 7.

Kuchta had a slow start in the second game with Nylea's Presence marking his only play in the first three rounds. Lévy on the other hand found a Ghostblade Eidolon. Kuchta wanted to read the card, fearing yet another heavy hitter, but Lévy explained: "1 / 1 double strike. No big deal!"

Ghostline Chimera was Kuchta's preferred way of defending himself, Lévy then had no land drop and no play on his fourth turn and that allowed Kuchta to try and pull ahead. He cast Raised by Wolves and the French had no response. An attack with the flyer caused a Lightning Strike to be cast on one of the Wolves, but Levy still took two damage.

The game got turned upside down when Lévy found a fourth land, allowing him to cast a Borderland Minotaur. Now Lévy was once again sitting in the driver's seat and Kuchta was busy looking for answers.

He tried it with Floodtide Serpent, but a Chained to the Rocks dealt with it. Siren of the Fanged Coast was next and Lévy didn't pay tribute, using Gods Willing instead to prevent his Minotaur from switching sides. So the Minotaur kept doing its dirty work and Lévy also added Wingsteed Rider.

Kuchta had a Coastline Chimera and Hunter's Prowess to fight back and that cost Lévy his Wingsteed Rider; Kuchta drew two cards regardless. but he was already down to 12.

Lévy found his Planeswalker when he needed it the most!

While Kuchta now held on to many more cards than Lévy, he still seemed to be behind on the field. And just like before, Lévy failed to disappoint his opponent by inviting Elspeth, Sun's Champion to his party and activating her effect!

Kuchta was eventually able to deal with her thanks to a Feral Invocation and another attack the turn after. Since his Pillar of War traded with Borderland Minotaur, Kuchta thought, for a brief moment, that he could turn this game around after all.

That changed again when Lévy added yet another big attacker...

Yet another threat from Raphael Lévy: Forgestoker Dragon.

A Voyage's End dealt with the dragon temporarily and a Siren of the Fanged Coast and Deepwater Hypnotist provided him with some sort of defense. He was forced to trade them for tokens, however, and when Forgestoker Dragon came down for the second time, Kuchta was left with only 5 life.

Sudden Storm bought Kuchta more time, but Lévy kept inviting more threats, this time a Pharagax Giant, announcing: "Five you!"

Pharagax Giant applied even more pressure to Kuchta.

Kuchta opted to pay tribute, however, so he would get to see another card. It was a Horizon Scholar, but it could also not stop the onslaught from Lévy's army in the following turns that decided this rather one-sided game.