Posted in NEWS on March 1, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Game One

Fazzolari quickly revealed himself to be a Boros Burn player when he wasted no time in pointing Shock at his opponent on Turn 1.

He turned up the heat by curving out perfectly with Ash Zealot and Chandra's Phoenix, whittling away at Swords' life total. When Swords presented Courser of Kruphix to block, Magma Jet finished it off after Ash Zealot dished out its first strike damage.

Swords could only manage Xenagos, the Reveler, making a Satyr to block. After burning the token with another Magma Jet, Fazzolari chose to ignore the planeswalker, instead mounting an alpha strike to reduce Swords to just 7 life.

With his death imminent, he decided to summon Stormbreath Dragon, keeping it back to block. While a wise choice, it was inconsequential. Fazzolari had enough burn (Shock, Lightning Strike and Warleader's Helix) in his grip to toast his opponent to a crisp.

Fazzolari takes game one with the help of quick beaters and a flurry of burn spells.
Game Two

Satyr Firedancer by Fazzolari was the first creature of the second game. Despite having Mizzium Mortars in his opening seven, Swords declined to kill it, preferring to drop Polukranos, World Eater two turns later. If Swords could untap the next turn, he would be able to make it monstrous to get rid of the pesky Satyr Firedancer.

However, the entire plan was thrown out of the window when Fazzolari pointed Shock and Lightning Strike at him, simultaneously dealing 5 damage to the 5/5 monster. Satyr Firedancer had effectively doubled the output of all his burn spells!

Now realizing how powerful it is, Sword had decided to kill it the next turn, but found himself on the receiving end of a hasty Spark Trooper. Lurking at a familiarly precarious 7 life once again, Swords mulled over his options and decided on a second Polukranos and hoped for the best. Warleader's Helix and Boros Charm ended things there and then.

Swords succumbs to the power of Satyr Firedancer and Spark Trooper.
James Fazzolari defeats Chester Swords 2-0.