Round 8: Frank Karsten vs. Nico Bohny

Posted in NEWS on June 28, 2014

By Tobi Henke

Frank Karsten, the Dutch Hall of Famer, and Nico Bohny, the former top pro from Switzerland, both entered this, the penultimate round of the day, with scores of 6-1. Meaning: they could afford one more loss and still make it to the second day, but obviously winning is better and both were determined to do that here. Needless to say, however, only one of the two would walk away victorious.

As previously recorded, Bohny had built a green-white deck with lots of heroic and a bit fewer ways to target his creatures. Meanwhile, Karsten came equipped with an interesting-looking blue-green midrange deck that appeared to be rather control-oriented, definitely playing the defensive role in this particular match-up.

Frank Karsten


Game 1


After intial trades, the game entered a lull when Karsten's Fleetfeather Cockatrice and Swordwise Centaur held the bay against Bohny's Phalanx Leader, Setessan Oathsworn, Elite Skirmisher, and Eagle of the Watch. Bohny's lack of targeted effects came back to haunt him.

And things turned from bad to worse for him, as Karsten bestowed Noble Quarry on Swordwise Centaur and attacked. Bohny had four untapped 1-toughness creatures; he hung his head, feigning defeat, when in fact he had Savage Surge for Phalanx Leader and just lost the Leader itself. A couple of turns later, Nylea's Emissary on Elite Skirmisher took the game for Bohny.

"I really did not expect that Savage Surge," Karsten admitted after the game. "I figured, if you had something you probably would have attacked. Unless, of course, you thought that I had something." Bohny chuckled and nodded, "That's it exactly."

Frank Karsten 0-1 Nico Bohny

Game 2

Bohny again opened aggressively, with Golden Hind and Feral Invocation. Karsten had Nullify for the latter but then couldn't stop Bohny's Raised by Wolves. Karsten's Fleetfeather Cockatrice met Shredding Winds and already he was way behind, in board development as well as life totals.

Nico Bohny


This time, Bohny had the tricks in Savage Surge and Battlewise Valor and he even had removal in the form of Banishing Light. He easily carried his early advantage across the finish line.


"That was a good draw." Karsten was impressed. "Good luck on Day 2," he said before the two parted ways. "Hope to see you there too!" Bohny replied.

Frank Karsten 0-2 Nico Bohny