Posted in NEWS on May 10, 2014

By Tobi Henke

With five Grand Prix Top 8s between them, none of these two players was a stranger to the GP scene, but there was a first here nevertheless, as the round started with some confusion as to the players' scores. The records showed both at 18 points, and Piotr Wald was indeed 6-1, but Joel Larsson had previously told coverage he was X-2. What gives? For the time it was decided to start the match, while judges investigated the issue.

Both had built green decks with small splashes. Wald used a green-black base with some blue. Larsson was green-blue with a bit of red.

Game 1

After Forest and Swamp and Satyr Grovedancer, Wald missed his next two land drops. With just Vaporkin, Larsson couldn't really capitalize on that though. As soon as he cast his Prescient Chimera, Wald drew his third land and had Asphyxiate at the ready. Still, Larsson redoubled his grip on the game with Prophet of Kruphix and Pheres-Band Tromper.

Piotr Wald

Nyx Infusion and Weight of the Underworld plus Pharika's Cure took care of Vaporkin and Prophet of Kruphix, but Pheres-Band Tromper grew out of proportions and soon Wald was reduced to chumpblocking. And then ...

Joel Larsson 1-0 Piotr Wald

Game 2

Continuing his streak of bad luck, Wald mulliganed into a hand with Opaline Unicorn and Sigiled Starfish as his only spells and drew two more lands right off the top. Meanwhile, Larsson opened strong, on Vaporkin, Nessian Courser, and Satyr Grovedancer.

Joel Larsson

Wald fought back valiantly with Nyx Infusion and Nylea's Emissary, but Feral Invocation and Sea God's Revenge carried Larsson to victory.

Joel Larsson 2-0 Piotr Wald

However, the interesting part of this story was beginning just now, when I accompanied Joel Larsson to the main event stage, where we awaited the results of the judges' investigation. Apparently, several rounds ago, Larsson and his opponent had filled out their match result slip incorrectly, accidentally giving the win to Larsson.

Since both players had signed the slip and because so much time had passed (during which Larsson and his opponent had both been paired based on the wrong result—to Larsson's disadvantage), it was decided not to correct the records.

Larsson had entered the round with a score of 5-2; now he was 7-1 and quite happy. "I never imagined this might be the result. I don't know where I got this good karma from," he said. "I'm really sorry for my opponent though."

Head Judge Cristiana Dionisio wanted to remind everyone of the importance to double-check result entry slips. "Also, please check your number of points on the pairings at the beginning of each round," she said. "The error could have easily been remedied if it had been caught earlier."