Round 8: Sherwin Pu vs. Tony Tsai

Posted in ARCHIVES - ARTICLES on July 26, 2014

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Californian Sherwin Pu is fresh off of a top 8 at GP Beijing earlier this year, but is already on the cusp of elimination here in Taipei this weekend. Also on the bubble is another American, Tony Tsai, who happened to be visiting family in Taiwan, and has a couple of GP top 8's of his own, although they're anything but fresh. Once a member of the well regarded team Deadguy, who were personal favorites of mine, back when I were a wee lad, Tsai picked up his GP top 8's over 15 years ago.

Pu developed a strong position early with Raise the Alarm into Triplicate Spirits, and a pair of Sungrace Pesasuses. Tsai played out some creatures that, to quote him, "do pretty much nothing." Tsai looked over at Pu's hand.

"One card, is it good?"

"Triplicate Spirits," Pu replied, showing him.

"You're way too nice," Tsai laughed.

Deadguy Tony Tsai is looking for an answer.

To be fair, Tsai's team weren't exactly doing nothing. He had deployed a Chasm Skulker, and was powering it up with a Rummaging Goblin and a Research Assistant, but it just wasn't enough to race Pu's spirit tokens.

Sherwin Pu 1 – Tony Tsai 0

Despite missing his second color, Tsai got off to a faster start in game 2, Encrusting Pu's Netcaster Spider and attacking with a Frost Lynx and a Nimbus of the Isles. Pu tried to fend off the Nimbus with a Devouring Light, but Tsai saved it with a Quickling.

By now, Tsai had revealed his second color had been switched to black, and while he couldn't stop Pu clearing the board with a Mass Calcify, it did allow him to close out the game with a nasty Stab Wound.

Sherwin Pu 1 – Tony Tsai 1

Pu again started aggressively with Selfless Cathar and Raise the Alarm, while Tsai Ulcerated the Cathar, and knocked a couple of Plains out of Pu's hand with Mind Rot. Tsai deployed a Rotfeaster Maggot on defence, and a Shadowcloak Vampire on the attack, but Pu just came back over the top with a Devouring Light on the Vampire, another Raise the Alarm, and some Triplicate Spirits.

Sherwin Pu wisely keeps a handful of tokens handy.

"Please don't have Festergloom," Pu grinned, passing the turn back with four 1/1 Soldier tokens, and three 1/1 Spirit tokens on the battlefield. Tsai had nothing, so Pu's team got together to convoke a Feral Incarnation. Tsai Encrusted one of the Beasts, but Put followed up with a Restock on Feral Incarnation and Devouring Light, and Tsai could only shake his head and scoop up his cards.

Sherwin Pu 1 defeats Tony Tsai 2-1