Posted in NEWS on May 24, 2014

By Olle Rade

Although the Grand Prix is running late, most players were still hungry for victory. Especially those who has to win their last match to end the day with a 7-2 record and make it to Day Two. As it turned out a lot of big names had their back against the wall as they shuffled their decks for the last time of today and battled it out.

No. 1 Ranked Player Reid Duke

Dimitriy Butakov (Blue/White) vs. (1) Reid Duke (Blue/White)

The match that got the most attention from spectators was Reid Duke, and his Blue/White deck, that was matched up against one of the Magic Online players, formed MOCS-champion Dimitriy Butakov of Russia. Butakov was also on Blue/White with a deck, as strong, if not stronger than Duke's.

In Game one Duke had an optimal start, casting a Fabled Hero and enchanting it with Hopeful Eidolon. Butakov however, managed to hold it off with high toughness creatures, stalling the ground and taking the offense with a Prognostic Sphinx. The Sphinx was in turn enchanted with a Ghost Blade Eidolon, and the double striking flier took the game for the Russian.

In game two, Butakov matched Duke's flying forces and was able to out tempo Duke by boosting one of them with a Supply Line Crane and casting first Retraction Helix, then Voyage's End and finally Sudden Storm to get through for lethal damage in the air.

Dimitriy Butakov 2 - 0 Reid Duke

No. 5 Ranked Player Owen Turtenwald

Minh Diep (Red/Blue) vs. (5) Owen Turtenwald (Blue/White)

Things were looking grim for Owen Turtenwald as his opponent won the first game, and looked to be building quite a board in game two, backed up by Sea God's Revenge. Turtenwald however, managed to grind that game one and finishing the job with a Silent Sentinel. In the deciding game he got a quick start and was able to 2-for-1 his opponent with a timely Retraction Helix, sealing the deal and locking up Day Two.

Owen Turtenwald 2 - 1 Minh Diep

No. 10 Ranked Player Ben Stark

Canon Mead (Blue/Green) vs. (10) Ben Stark (Blue/Green)

Ben Stark looked to be both out of the game and out of the day when he got stuck on two lands and a Golden Hind in game one. He looked to be back in it when he hit a few lands though, and cast a Prophet of Kruphix, only to have it stolen by his opponents Hypnotic Siren. Stark proved why he is considered one of the world's greatest limited players though, by using Triton Cavalry to repeatedly bounce the Hypnotic Siren and slowly clawing his way back in the game. In the end his opponent could only watch as Stark took down the game. Game two wasn't quite as exciting, as Stark managed to triumph the Nessian Asp stalemate by using Vortex Elemental and a whole lot of mana to return Mead's best blockers to his library while getting through with his team lead by Nessian Asp.

Ben Stark 2 - 0 Canon Mead