Posted in NEWS on March 1, 2014

By Pip Foweraker

Both players were undefeated heading in to the final round. Sewell was piloting a relatively traditional Mono-Black deck, while Wei wielded an Esper control deck featuring the usual suspects. Sewell started well, summoning the eponymous Pack Rat, but stalled on mana, missing his third land drop. Wei, having had 3 scry lands in a row to set out his plays, considered how to best take advantage of Sewell's tempo hiccough.

Wei used an Azorius Charm to pop the Pack Rats on the top of Sewell's deck, trying to further deny him access to mana. Sewell made the somewhat unusual play of killing his own Rat with a Devour Flesh to keep his draws unmanipulated. His third land appeared and he tried an Underworld Connections, which Wei stopped cold with a Syncopate.

Sewell makes the hard calls.

A Thoughtseize from Sewell revealed an Elspeth and a Sphinx's Revelation, with Wei sitting on 5 lands and with more in hand. Sewell took the Elspeth and followed up over the next turns with a Lifebane Zombie and a Desecration Demon, while Wei was content to let Sewell play out his threats and fire off a mid-sized Revelation for 4.

Sewell attacked with his Demon and Lifebane Zombie, knocking Wei to 12 life. Wei had a grip full of cards but nothing on the board to slow Sewell down. A Fated Retribution cleared out both of Sewell's threats, and Wei followed up with a Jace, Architect of Thought and then an Ætherling. Sewell was holding a trio of Bile Blights and played what defence he could, but the singular win condition proved too difficult to take down.

Yifan Wei 1 - Aaron Sewell 0

Wei opened the second game with a Thoughtseize, stripping Sewell of his own discard spell, but leaving him free to cast a turn 2 Pack Rat. Wei had nothing on his second turn while Sewell cracked in with his Rat and made a token. Wei had a Detention Sphere to stave off the army of Rats. Sewell followed up with an Underworld Connections, while Wei had a Blood Baron of Vizkopa to start racing back.

Wei may look like he's asking a question, but he's all answers.

Sewell kept pace with a Desecration Demon. Wei summoned an Elspeth, whose Soldiers kept the Desecration Demon occupied while the Blood Baron went to town. Sewell did what he could, but Wei's two powerhouse cards kept him in control of the game and won him the match a few turns later.

Yifan Wei 2 - Aaron Sewell 0