Round 9: Peter Szigeti vs. Lan Ho

Posted in NEWS on January 4, 2016

Peter Szigeti vs. Lan Ho

This round's feature match pitted the popular and well-dressed Texan Lan Ho against the infamous Internet writer Peter "PTR" Szigeti. Lan is playing a Miracle Grow variant designed by Brian Kibler that features white cards such as Meddling Mage and Swords to Plowshares, while Peter is playing a regular Junk deck. Both players are looking good so far at 6-1-1, and there was much banter before the match, including when Lan offered to play the game of "I am thinking of a number between 1 and 10" to decide who went first, to which Peter responded with a game idea of his own called "I am thinking of how far I can flip your chair."

Lan won the die roll and chose to play first, playing a Tropical Island and then a Land Grant, revealing his hand of Werebear, Merfolk Looter, Sleight of Hand, Brainstorm, and Daze. Lan got a Savannah with the Land Grant, and then cast the Sleight of Hand. On his next turn he played out the Werebear, while Peter attempted to Tithe, which Lan Dazed.

Peter cast Gerrard's Verdict the following turn, and Lan discarded a Tropical Island and a Brainstorm. Lan played out a Looter, but Peter had a Plow for the Werebear and then he Duressed a Sleight of Hand. Peter had a Plow for the Looter as well, but Lan was still looking good when he played a Mystic Enforcer. Peter played a 2nd Verdict, clearing Lan's hand, and then showed how good he is at drawing Plows by playing a 3rd on the Enforcer.

Peter Szigeti

Both players were pretty much out of gas at that point, with Peter playing and then flashing back a Call of the Herd, while Lan played a Werebear and a Quirion Dryad. Lan finally broke the stalemate a few turns later with a Brainstorm, deciding to trade his Werebear for a Call token by attacking into 2 Elephants, then casting a 2nd Werebear. Peter cleared out Lan's hand with a 3rd Verdict, and then he cast another Call of the Herd. Lan attacked with both the Werebear and the now 4/4 Quirion Dryad, and Peter again double blocked one, taking 4 to go to 9. Peter attempted to Flashback the Call of the Herd, which Lan Foiled, but Peter then Plowed the Quirion Dryad.

Lan showed his good topdecking skills by drawing a Gush and then playing out a Mystic Enforcer, and that spelled the end of Szigeti.

Peter sideboarded in Diabolic Edicts and Hidden Gibbons taking out Seals of Cleansing and a few creatures, while Lan sided in Submerges, Legacy's Allures, and Plows, taking out Meddling Mages and Merfolk Looters. Peter decided he needed a little extra sideboard tech, though, so he decided to steal a Shark Hat from the booth for good luck.

Lan Ho

Peter chose to play first for the second game, and Lan played a Brainstorm on Turn 1 followed by a Land Grant. Turns 2 and 3 saw a Werebear and a Merfolk Looter from Lan, but Peter Diabolic Edicted them both; Lan then cast a Gush followed by a Legacy's Allure. Peter cast a Duress on his main phase, and Lan revealed a hand of Plow, Foil, Submerge, Winter Orb, Force of Will, Gush, and a land. Peter took the Plow and then cast a Mystic Enforcer, which Lan chose not to Force of Will.

Lan then made a devastating play on Peter by Submerging his Mystic Enforcer and then casting the Winter Orb. It was only a matter of time after that until Lan killed Peter, as Peter could not draw a way to deal with the Orb. Peter asked that I include that he is definitely a better dressed man than Lan.

Final Result: Lan wins 2-0.

Peter Szigeti, Round 9 Feature Match

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Lan D. Ho, Round 9 Feature Match

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