Round 9 Results (by Team)

Posted in NEWS on December 30, 2015

Team Result Opponent
Alligator Lost 1-2 vs Baal
Anchans Won 3-0 vs APAC
Antarctica Lost 0-2-1 vs M.T.R.
APAC Lost 0-3 vs Anchans
Baal Won 2-1 vs Alligator
Datcho Club Lost 1-2 vs Team B.H.
Dr. no-right Won 2-1 vs Wrath of God
Fire Beat Drew 0-0-3 vs The Zoo
GDT Won 2-1 vs Solution Team B Lost 0-3 vs Team
I have three Dromar Lost 1-2 vs Lighting Monkey ~ RED
Lighting Monkey ~ RED Won 2-1 vs I have three Dromar
M.T.R. Won 2-0-1 vs Antarctica
Solution Lost 1-2 vs GDT
Team B.H. Won 2-1 vs Datcho Club
Team Won 3-0 vs Team B
Team T.T.T. Drew 0-0-3 vs
The Zoo Drew 0-0-3 vs Fire Beat
Wrath of God Lost 1-2 vs Dr. no-right Drew 0-0-3 vs Team T.T.T.