Ryan Fuller Disqualified

Posted in NEWS on March 21, 2003

By Josh Bennett

Editor's Note: This article was updated on January 8, 2018 to reflect the subject's differing account of the situation. A line attributed to Fuller has been removed.

Ryan Fuller has been disqualified from Pro Tour – Venice. Fresh off his year long ban for various infractions, Fuller came back to the game as eager as ever, posting a Day 2 finish at Grand Prix – Boston before returning to the Tour at Venice.

However, Fuller was selected for a round one deck check. Scorekeeper Gordon Culp used the random table selector feature in the tournament software, and Ryan Fuller was the lucky winner. During the deck check, a judge observed that the deck could easily be separated into lands and spells just by looking at the backs of his sleeves.

Fuller had an explanation for the markings. He'd purchased his sleeves that morning, one hundred of them separated into two fifty-sleeve packs. He then made the mistake of sleeving his deck while it was sorted, sideboard first, then his main deck, and finally his lands. His sideboard and non-lands totaled fifty-one cards, meaning that he'd sleeved his lands entirely from the second set of sleeves. The markings on his sleeves were similar to typical factory-defect markings.

"Ryan Fuller was disqualified for Marked Cards – Major," Tournament Manager Jeff Donais explained. "Although the default recommended penalty for Marked Cards – Major is a match loss, the penalty was upgraded to a disqualification because of Fuller's previous warning history."

"Ryan's unfortunate predicament might have been avoided if he had shuffled his deck before sleeving," added head judge Collin Jackson. "However, in light of his previous infractions, I had no choice but to upgrade the penalty to a disqualification."