Saltfield Time Wizard

Posted in Arcana on April 5, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The card Saltfield Recluse was designed to be a throwback to Urza's Saga's Sanctum Custodian. Instead of preventing damage, it reduces power, which lets it interact better with power/toughness switching cards such as Merfolk Thaumaturgist. Render a creature powerless, then flip that zero around to the toughness half of the slash—die, 2-power guy!

Saltfield Recluse

The Recluse's flavor text even references the link to Sanctum Custodian's "double Samite Healer" ability:

He remembers a past of light and healing. But he lives the bitter present—parching salt, scouring wind, and the withering heat of the desert.

The art was originally commissioned for another card, a white-aligned wizard with some ability to "stutter through time." You'll recognize the design of Saltfield Recluse as being based on this shot from the Time Spiral style guide on white aligned wizards; clerics look slightly different and have a more rounded headdress rather than the tall tower mask.

White Wizards

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