Saltskitter: Salt Plains Survivor

Posted in Arcana on April 24, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

WhileFuture Sight timeshifted cards tell the story of Magic's possible futures, the set's other cards tell the continuing story of a plane in recovery. Dominaria is not yet flourishing, by any means; its plains are still dusty wastes continually eroded by salt-spiked winds. But in the years since the departure of the false god Karona, some creatures have found ways to adapt, and even thrive, in these harsh conditions.

Saltskitter Saltskitter art by Chippy

The saltskitter is a creature that can flatten itself against the contours of its desolate environment. It slides along the dunes like a sidewinder snake or an undersea skate. Then, when danger threatens, it churns up the loose earth and buries itself under a layer of dust and salt, perfectly camouflaged.

Note the broken-down structures and pitted landscapes in the background. Compare to Justin Sweet's Plains illustration from Time Spiral.


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