Saviors of Kamigawa

Posted in Feature on August 8, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Game Features

The Kami War comes to a head with a bang: Wisdom, Channel, and Epic spells take your opponent down with ease.

  • Wisdom -- As Kamigawa’s spirit war raged on, it became clear that the route to victory wouldn’t be mindless violence—it would be wise, thoughtful violence. To reflect this, the Saviors of Kamigawa™ set is filled with creatures and spells that get better the more cards you have in your hand. This magic takes different forms. Some cards, like Akki Underling, bulk up if you have seven or more cards in your hand. Others, like Kitsune Bonesetter, only care about whether you’re holding more cards than your opponent. Still more, like Soramaro, First to Dream, scale their effects based on the exact number of cards in your hand. Their strength varies with the size of your hand, but they all pack powerful magic in their veins.
  • Channel -- Near the final days of the war, the veil between worlds became increasingly volatile. Kami with the channel ability could focus their life essence into a one-shot blast of energy instead of solidifying into a creature. If you’re holding Ghost-Lit Redeemer in your hand, you have a choice: You can pay to play it as a nice, normal creature . . . or you can pay and discard it from your hand to gain 4 life. You can channel a creature whenever you could play an instant, and since this is an ability instead of a spell, regular countering spells can’t stop it.
  • Sweeps -- Some powerful spells can uproot the land itself. When you play a spell with the sweep ability, you can return to your hand any number of your lands of the right type. The more lands you return, the more devastating the spell is. For example, when you play Sink into Takenuma, your opponent must discard a card for each Swamp you pick up.
  • Epic -- In a realm where the creatures are legend, the spells must also be larger than life. Spells with the epic ability are so extraordinary that once you play one, you can’t play any more spells for the rest of the game. However, each time your upkeep starts, you get another free copy of the epic spell!


Konda's crime against the kami had been revealed: He had stolen a living spirit. The abductee wasn't just any kami, though, but a scion of the O-Kagachi, guardian of the boundary between the material and spirit worlds. Konda's act utterly destabilized Kamigawa, and disorder spread on both sides of the great war. Seeing an opportunity, the akki horde marched on Eiganjo even as the O-Kagachi itself attacked the castle. All the while, Toshiro Umezawa played all the sparring factions against each other, deftly exploiting his allegiances to wrest That Which Was Taken from Konda's hands.

Amidst this pandemonium emerged the one who had set everything in motion: the Kami of the Crescent Moon, an ambitious trickster who hoped to remake the world on his own terms. But the Crescent Moon had made a very powerful enemy in the ogre-mage Hidetsugu, who held the power to unleash the all-consuming Oni of Chaos on the world.

As the O-Kagachi raged against Konda, who was protected only by the power of the kidnapped kami, the veil between the material world and the spirit world was torn to tatters. The distinction between spirit and living being blurred completely. And the war rose to a fever pitch, spurred on by the blind pride of Konda and the blind fury of the O-Kagachi. Kamigawa's last hope for peace lay in the hands of Toshiro Umezawa and Michiko Konda, the daimyo's sole heir.

Get ready for the Saviors of Kamigawa!

Cardlists & FAQs

(For the Saviors of Kamigawa FAQ, see the Magic Set FAQs page.)


Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa

by Scott McGough

The ronin Toshi has sought to avoid the great conflict between the spirit and human realms. But despite his best efforts, he's not only involved in it, he's at the center of it. Together with Princess Michiko, daughter of Daimyo Konda, he must find a way to stave off the impending victory of the kami, while preserving his own life into the bargain.

Amid the complicated maneuvers of the fox people, the moon folk, and the Daimyo himself, Toshi can rely on only one person.


Download a sample chapter (110k - pdf)

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